Same Good Looks & Exceptional Illumination, New Choices


While the patented reflector cone allows traditional LEDs to cast illumination much more effectively, they aren’t everyone’s taste. Find out which product lines now let you choose the reflector and LED bulb type, and which one has been replaced by the new Cone/LED bulb for a look more like “traditional” exterior lights. The post is located on our on-store blog:

Veterans Day 2015: Honor & Thank Vets via Great, Proven Agencies

Since we started this blog, every Veterans Day we’ve asked people to look at some highly respected and wonderful organizations that help Veterans as well as active servicemen, women and families. Please don’t be duped by some store or bogus charity. These are all well-established agencies with A or A-plus ratings from American Institute of Philanthropy. Veterans Day 2015 Poster

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We’re Moving!

our new storefront includes an onsite blog is written and managed by, and has been since 2011.

Earlier this year we overhauled our store and the new site has its own onsite blog.

It no longer makes sense for us to keep up and running.

Especially when so many of our posts lost the images when we moved this blog to WordPress when our old server became tortuously slow (after being hand a lot of Bull about why, we finally moved but we did lose a lot of our followers.)

Instead, we’re moving (and updating!) all relevant posts. We also plan to start a new blog that goes far beyond solar lighting.
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Protect Your Solar Lights This Fall and Winter: Tips for Fall Clean-Up & Winter Storage

Most, but not all, solar lights survive the winter well even in cold, snowy and icy winters. Some do not, and solar pumps and water fountains also can be damaged by the cold.tip_clip_large

This post outlines what lights should be packed away for winter, how to store them properly so they’ll work properly next year, and thing to think about before the rakes, leaf blowers come out.

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Control Algae without Chemicals

More difficult, perhaps. But safer: for sure. Remember, water evaporates more quickly and concentrates chemicals during the same times of the year when algae comes up. Use these tips: your birds, other wildlife and neighborhood pets will thank you.

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Our Choice for the Greenest U.S. President

Who do we think is the Greenest President

And the Greenest US President is…Here’s a Hint

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Do We Need to Choose Between the Environment and the Economy?

Must One Choose the Economy OR the Environment

“Green Job” Growth, ROI for Market Investors Show Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency Is Good for Environment and the Economy

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So Pope Francis is Green…and other Reasons We Like Him

We’re not really religious, but we don’t think Pope Francis’ Letter: On Care for Our Common Home is really about religion as much as it’s a very clear statement on climate change, descriptions of impacts to the Earth (and how we’ve been lousy custodians), and when the Pope speaks, boy do people listen. Our onsite blog discusses why we think it’s important AND relevant to us since we sell renewable energy, often with funds from incentive programs.

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Accidents Happen: Reduce the Risk of Damage to Low Voltage and Solar Lights and Pumps

Broken glass, broken solar panels, ripped cord, person fallingIt’s easy to place (and replace) solar lights, but a little bit of thought can mean a lot less damage to your outdoor solar lights and fountain/pond pumps. This post has tips on things to think about when installing and maintaining your solar garden products Continue reading