Solar Lighting: Meet Your Expectations

solar lighting, which way to go?If people are less than happy with  their first experience with  outdoor solar lighting, I ask them two questions:

  • Are you using them properly?
  • What did you expect from the product you bought?

Often, what they bought was not meant to provide the type of illumination they wanted, so of course they were disappointed.

Many people first purchase solar accent lights, typically the pick the most inexpensive types of outdoor solar lighting.

In a way, this makes sense:  why spend money on overhead lights, security lights or lamp posts until you are comfortable with solar lighting technology?

Get What You Need!

What a lot of people don’t understand is that there is a huge difference between solar accent lights and more expensive solar security lights (flood lights, spotlights), or solar lamps.  Not only in cost, but in the types of light provided.

Here is a brief primer on the most common types of outdoor solar lighting and what buyers should and should not expect from each.

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