Sick of Geese and All Their Crap?

Geese, Lovely but Often Nasty BirdsHaving lived near the water, I know very well how foul geese can be.

Beautiful birds definitely.

They also can be pretty nasty tempered beasts, particularly when nesting or right after the baby geese hatch.

The only thing worse than being outside cooking on the grill and having them attack you to steal your food or pecking at you when you try to get to your car is, shall we say, their droppings.

All in all, geese add up to a lot of crap!

We just found two new products I wish our condo association had years ago. Both humanely encourage geese to make themselves at home, but somewhere else than your property.

The devices are solar powered, which means no electrical cords and no energy costs, so they’re good for the wallet and the environment.  Your own personal environment and the world in which we all live.

The solar-powered products are manufactured by a company called, appropriately, “Away with Geese.”   They are designed to be both water and weather resistant, with sturdy housing and low maintenance.  Each unit takes less than five minutes to install.

Solar Powered Away with Geese Water Unit

Solar Away with Geese Water Unit

The Solar-Powered Away with Geese Water Unit product floats in the water and works at night, 7 days a week.  It works by disrupting geese sleep patterns, encouraging them to move to another pond without causing the birds any physical harm.

At only 14-inches in diameter and 27 inches long (most of which is underwater), it’s hardly noticeable and certainly less of an eyesore than geese droppings.

The other product is designed to be placed on land.  Unlike other methods such as chemical, sprays, physical barriers and noise devices, the Solar-Powered Away with Geese Land Unit has no adverse affects on the environment, humans or most other animals.

Like the water unit, it is compact and will not interfere with the visual appeal of the property it protects.

Solar Powered Away with Geese Land Unit

Unit bothers geese, not people

Working differently than the water unit, it is a stake-mounted solar light that flashes once every two seconds.

The flashing light discourages geese from congregating on lawns in the early morning and at night from foraging and nesting.

Very quickly, the unit encourages the geese to move to a new location.  One unit can cover up to 3.5 acres of area, as long as there are no line-of-site disruptions such as hills are small valleys.

The light is unobtrusive to people and many users report that it gives them a sense of satisfaction knowing that the geese are being persuaded to move away.

And take all of their crap with them.

Copyright 2011, AM McElroy, www.SolarFlairLighting.comwww.SolarLightingSmart

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