Holiday Shopping Tips: Compare Online Prices Carefully, Particularly Shipping Costs

Christmas Gifts

The Holidays are a Major Online Shopping Time!

With the holiday season approaching, many people who don’t usually shop online are going to take advantage of e-commerce sites to save time and money.

And, smart shoppers are likely to use one or more of the many price comparison sites  including free listing sites such as Google Product Search and as well as sites that charge merchants to list their products. When you compare prices, make sure that you factor shipping costs into the mix.

Shipping has risen quite a bit over the last couple of years, in part due to fuel costs and fuel surcharges. In addition, some shippers (notably UPS) charge a standard weight for odd-size or large packages.

Because of rising shipping cost, many online retailers continually review shipping options to make sure they offer the best deals to their customers, no matter how they calculate shipping.  Others aren’t as careful, and can make it difficult for customers to quickly and easily get accurate shipping rates.  This post will explain why and give you tips on what to look for to make sure you get the best deal.

With competition for online stores, actually ALL stores, being so tough these days, some retailers tend to “gild the lily” so that their products appear to have the lowest total cost on price comparison sites.

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Maximize Solar Lighting During Fall and Winter Months!

Solar Lights

Get the Most Year-Round From Solar Lights

All solar lights work best when they are placed and used properly. While maximum benefits are seen during the summertime when the sun’s light is strongest, there are many ways to take maximize the advantages of solar lighting throughout the year.

Solar lighting technology has come a long way over the past couple of years. Better ways to use LED lighting, more weather-tight construction, and better designs make it the smart choice.

When going solar, make sure that you buy quality products that use the latest in technology and design for both the light source and the housing.

Like many evolving technologies, solar lighting is definitely one where you get what you pay for in terms of appearance, reliability, product lifespan, and light quality.

Mount Solar Panels in Sunny Places

Solar lighting panels need to be placed where they will receive the maximum sunlight throughout the day. Shadows cast by houses, trees and other structures move and lengthen during the day.

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