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Smart Solutions for Solar Lighting and More! is the blog for, uses its What’s New page as a mini-online newsletter to keep customers up-to-date with the latest news about our store and products, solar lighting technology, and other information relative to renewable energy, as well as online shopping tips and more.

Along with links to articles on this blog, our What’s New page highlights new commercial strength solar lighting for security, new solar water features, and hints at products that will be coming up soon as many companies release their spring line of solar products.


Our Current Product Spotlight:
Solar Lights for Sheds & Other Outdoor Structures

We call them solar shed lights, but we offer many solar lighting fixtures that provide safe, reliable illumination for sheds, barns, greenhouses, gazebos, porches, carports and virtually any outdoor structures.

Our solar shed lights provide light to outdoor structures difficult or expensive to access with electricity and unsafe to light with flammable sources.

Let’s face it: most of our sheds tend to get crowded, often contain flammable items such as paints, solvents or gasoline-powered lawn mowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, etc. Shed lights mean no fumbling around with flashlights, no need for lanterns.

We offer a broad variety of solar lights for outdoor structures, including the two shown in our spotlight photo. View our selection of solar shed lights (and rechargeable work lights) to see which one is best for your needs. Any questions: just email or call (866) 686-6903 today!

Other News!

We continue to add new solar water features, especially floating solar lights and solar fountains. Some of our solar fountains, pond pumps, and aerators have batteries (meaning they work into the night) and some don’t (lower cost, but work only when the sun shines on the solar panel).

Rain Gauge with Solar Light

New items in our inventory include rain gauges with solar lights, bird bath stands with solar lights (and some nice stained glass water fountains that are absolutely stunning at night when lit by solar-powered LEDs).

Sunflower Birdbath with Solar Light

More new products will be posted continually over the next two to four weeks. Not only have we expanded our list of suppliers (allowing us to provide the same or similar products at the lowest price possible), but many of our manufacturers will soon launch their spring products.

We are glad to widen our inventory this spring, lower many prices, and maintain many other prices while still providing free shipping on all products except our solar street lights.  Things to look forward to are more Evergreen solar water features and lights, new Gama Sonic solar lamps and other lights, and updates to many of our other solar product lines.

We recently added several new solar security lights to our inventory. These are high quality, high intensity solar flood lights and solar spot lights which are great for residential and commercial installations including lighting for large outdoor signs, parks, parking areas, warehouse docks, docks, marinas, recreational and farm areas, as well as commercial, institutional and residential driveways and entrances.

Are these better than our existing flood and spot lights? No, they are just different. First, our other security lights are primarily made for residential use. Our new flood lights are made for different purposes. For example, instead of being motion-activated, most stay on continuously and in general provide a stronger light.

Other features include the ability for the battery to monitor its own stored power and to adjust the light intensity to provide constant light over the longest period of time, up to 10 to 12 hours on a full solar charge (average of 6 hours of full sun per day). You can view these lights on our Solar Security Lights page. The lights are 156 LEDs and 2 versions of 108 LEDs.

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