Not all Solar Lamps are Equal: Purchasing the Right Lamp for Different Functional Areas

Solar Lamps and Lamp Posts are not Created EqualSolar lighting is not made equal and this is particularly true for solar lamps.

We get calls from potential customers who want the cheapest possible solar lamps available.  Our store doesn’t carry the “cheapest solar lamps” because we know that with solar lighting, you generally get what you pay for.

More importantly, our goal is to provide customers with a solar lights, particularly to select lamps designed and constructed to meet the needs of a particular site and how the area is used.

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Recommended Article: “The Pending Subsidy Cliff, And the Way Out”

Now and again we recommend articles that we like. Here’s one published April 19, 2012 by “The Pending Subsidy Cliff, and The Way Out.”

Again, we remind you that your state and federal senators and congressmen/women need to know how you think and that you vote.   Contact your US Senators by clicking here for email addresses and your congressperson by clicking here. And since many programs will be at the state level, don’t forget about contacting your local representatives and governors!

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