Recommended Article: “The Pending Subsidy Cliff, And the Way Out”

Now and again we recommend articles that we like. Here’s one published April 19, 2012 by “The Pending Subsidy Cliff, and The Way Out.”

Again, we remind you that your state and federal senators and congressmen/women need to know how you think and that you vote.   Contact your US Senators by clicking here for email addresses and your congressperson by clicking here. And since many programs will be at the state level, don’t forget about contacting your local representatives and governors!

Renewable energy fans don’t have the money of the big traditional energy companies, but we have a lot of votes. Make sure your representatives know that YOU vote and HOW you vote.

Anyway, here’s the intro to the article, written by Steve Leone, Associate Editor,

“It’s a daunting reality, yet one that’s been years in the making. And it’s a scenario that’s shaping up from the wind-swept coasts of California to the solar rooftops of New Jersey. The renewables industries — all of them — are not only approaching a subsidy cliff. They already have one foot dangling over the edge.

These cliffs are seen as a part of the renewables landscape, and the hope has been that the perceived drop would be too steep for lawmakers to ignore. In the past, that’s been a successful strategy, but the new state of politics dictates that subsidies will be phased out. Though some may yet be extended for at least the short-term, we’re likely entering a new era of energy policy in the United States…”

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