New Flora Solar Lamps Available in Three Mounting Types!

New Series: Flora Solar Lamps

After nearly six months with no major new solar lamps in our stock, we are pleased that we now offer Gama Sonic’s new Flora Series.  These are great, cost-effective lamps with a new type of design and the  latest in solar technology.

The new Flora Solar Lamps Fitter, shown to the right, provides reliable solar lighting, combining the latest solar in technology with distinctive design.  They are available as fitters to retrofit existing lamp posts or place on new lamp posts, as wall mounts, for mounting on horizontal surface, shown to the right.

The Flora Solar Lamps have a different look than our other residential solar lamps, but s a style that’s  ideal for wide range of homes and gardens!

Constructed of a durable, rust-resistant powder-coated cast-aluminum frame in an antique bronze finish, it features real beveled glass and a floral pattern very different from most solar lamps on the market today. It’s a great way to install new solar lamp posts, or to retrofit inefficient or old gas or electric lamps to solar.

(Note:  we recommend that only people with experience in electrical work retrofit existing electrical lamp posts, and that plumbers are involved with retrofitting gas lamps.)

Technologically, the Flora solar lamp series is among the best of its size available on the market.

Along with six super bright LEDs, it has a patented cone reflector that intensifies its light. It runs on solar power stored in modern, efficient Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries (included).

On a full solar charge (about 6 hours), it provides between 8 to 10 hours of reliable light. No wiring needed, no electricians and no disruptions to your property during installation.

Virtually no operating costs, it’s low-maintenance: just place the lamp in a sunny location and periodically check that the solar panel (located at the top of the fixture) remains clear of dust, leaves, pollen etc.

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