Why Solar Lighting is Great for Hardscape and Landscape Customers and Contractors

Photo courtesy of Evening Star

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to enhance your landscape, or the contractor that will design and add the new plantings and hardscapes, solar lighting and solar water features are smart ideas to incorporate into any landscape project.

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More Americans Die from Heat than Any Other Cause: Tips to Be Safe AND Help Prevent Blackouts

It’s sad, maybe surprising, but definitely true: more Americans die from heat than any other single cause, even all cancers combined. With heat waves sweeping much of the US, here are some things you can do to be more comfortable.

It’s easy (for those who have them) to just turn up the AC, but when too many people do this, brown-outs and black-outs happen.

Here are tips to keep you and your family more comfortable, without using a lot of electricity.
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Portable Solar Lamp Posts: Convenient and Practical, but Purchase Wisely

Lamp Posts for Decks? You Bet!

Lamp Posts for Decks? You Bet!

The popularity of solar lamp posts continues to grow.  Part of this is because the technology used continues to improve, more styles are available than in the past, and prices are comparable to similar electric options.  The desire of many people to “go green” and save on utility bills certainly doesn’t hurt either.

One thing about most solar lamp posts is that once they are installed, they can’t be relocated easily.

But there is a solution: portable solar lamp posts, which are great options for many people.  Here’s some info about portable solar lamp posts, including what to look for when buying them and where they can be especially useful. Continue reading

Hurricane Season Begins June 1, 2012: Are You Prepared?


It doesn't take a full-blown hurricane or direct hit for major power outages!

The 2012 hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30.

Meteorologists predict the 2012 season will be less severe than average. Even so, according to CNN, there’s a 48 percent chance that a major hurricane will make a direct hit on at a US coast line.  Since people that live hundreds of miles away from a direct hit are often impacted, it’s a good time to think about emergency preparedness.

Don’t live near the coast? Many of the things recommended for hurricanes also help you and your family should you face a blizzard, earthquake, tornado, and other natural disaster.  Summer also means that all of us are at a higher risk of blackouts that can cut off your power and communications for hours or even days.

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