Hurricane Season Begins June 1, 2012: Are You Prepared?


It doesn't take a full-blown hurricane or direct hit for major power outages!

The 2012 hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30.

Meteorologists predict the 2012 season will be less severe than average. Even so, according to CNN, there’s a 48 percent chance that a major hurricane will make a direct hit on at a US coast line.  Since people that live hundreds of miles away from a direct hit are often impacted, it’s a good time to think about emergency preparedness.

Don’t live near the coast? Many of the things recommended for hurricanes also help you and your family should you face a blizzard, earthquake, tornado, and other natural disaster.  Summer also means that all of us are at a higher risk of blackouts that can cut off your power and communications for hours or even days.

There are things that all families should do to prepare for disasters. When the power goes out, lots of times phone lines, cable (for TV and the internet) also go out.  Utilities like water supplies and waste water disposal also are jeopardized.

Along with hurricanes, there are blizzards, tornadoes, earthquakes and lots of other natural disasters that can interrupt our daily lives and more specifically, our power and communications.

The same emergency-preparedness can help with other types of disasters such as those that as wildfires or intentionally caused power outages.

Another concern as the weather starts to heat up:  black-outs caused by accidents or high demand on electrical power grids during extremely hot weather.

We encourage all of you to read what you can to do prepare yourself, your family and your business.  This article was written by a person with lots of experience developing contigency plans for businesses and a strong knowledge of FEMA guidelines:  Solar Lighting and Solar Chargers: Great for Emergencies, Power Outages!

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