What’s Trending on US Campuses: Solar and Renewables!

Solar's a Hot Trend on Campus!

Solar is Hot Trend on Campus!

Campuses across the United States are making big moves to solar technology recently.

North and south, coast to coast, there are plenty examples of academic, institutional and commercial/industrial campuses that are making significant investments in solar technology and it’s paying off!

Some of the reasons for embracing solar? Along with the variety of solar applications today, solar is being used more frequently because:

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Elections Coming: “Don’t Let Renewable Energy Become Collateral Damage!”

Renewable Energy for Cleaner EarthSolarLightingSmart.com is committed to helping people making their voices heard about solar energy and other renewable energy sources.

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Get the Most Out of Solar Lights!

Maximize Your Solar Lighting

All solar lights work best when they are placed and used properly.  While summertime has the strongest sunlight, you can maximize the advantages of solar lighting throughout the year.

Solar lighting technology has come a long way over the past couple of years. Better ways to use LED lighting, more weather-tight construction, and better designs make it the smart choice. When going solar, make sure that you buy quality products that use the latest in technology and design for both the light source and the housing.

Like many evolving technologies, solar lighting is definitely one where you get what you pay for in terms of appearance, reliability, product lifespan, and light quality.

Regardless of what type of solar lighting fixture you purchase, there are easy things you can do to get the most from your solar lights.

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