Elections Coming: “Don’t Let Renewable Energy Become Collateral Damage!”

Renewable Energy for Cleaner EarthSolarLightingSmart.com is committed to helping people making their voices heard about solar energy and other renewable energy sources.

We try to share important information when appropriate and today we got an important email about the elections and renewable energy we want to share that includes a link to  http://www.energyfactcheck.org/ and links so you can contact your US Congressional Representative and your US Senators.

Uncertain Energy Future

This Election Will Impact the Energies of Tomorrow

We think that the best solutions for today and future energy sources comes from making existing energy sources cleaner, developing applications that use energy more efficiently, and continually developing renewable and alternative energy sources.  This includes, but certain is not limited to solar energy technology.

With this in mind, as well as the upcoming elections where renewable energies in play, below is want to share from VoteSolar.org. Please note that we agree with the overall gist of the message, but do not necessarily agree with all statements by VoteSolar.org.

We also remind you, after you read the email, to make your opinions on renewable energies known to state and federal candidates and sitting US Congressional Representative and US Senators.  With elections coming up, now is the time to remind them that Your Vote Counts!  Use  the links above and make your voice heard in whatever way is s easiest for you: email, phone or letter!

Text of Email from VoteSolar.org:


When people ask: What keeps you up at night? I tell them this: there’s an unholy amount of money being spent to attack renewables right now–an unprecedented blitz of solar slander, renewable mongering and clean energy kvetching that could set policy efforts back decades.

Consider: of the negative advertising in April of this this election cycle, 81% have targeted renewable energy for attack.  And when you factor that this presidential election is shaping up to be the most expensive in history, with experts estimating spending in the range of $6 billion dollars, well, we got trouble.

We can’t let them make clean energy a dirty word.  In order to combat disinformation, we are working with the American Council on Renewable Energy on a new website, EnergyFactCheck.org — a non-partisan source of facts, fact-checking, and corrections to the record on all things renewable energy.  Check it out: http://www.energyfactcheck.org/

And consider yourself deputized!  If you see an article in your local paper that doesn’t get the facts right, send a letter to the editor with a correction. Same for your local TV newscast. As always, we recommend civility in your rebuttal. Catch more flies with honey, etc.  Similarly, if you see positive coverage about solar in your community that should be highlighted, ping the folks at info@energyfactcheck.org.  Let us know how it all works out.

It may take a village, but it is even better if the village is solar-powered.


Adam + Team

The Vote Solar Initiative
300 Brannan Street, Suite 609
San Francisco, CA 94107

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