Late Summer and Early Fall are Great Times to Buy Solar Lighting


Enjoy Late Summer Evenings with Solar Lights

Many people concentrate their lawn and garden purchases during late spring and early summer, including purchase of solar lights.

But, after the first day of summer, the days start to get shorter and by August, darkness often seems to come surprisingly early.  Solar lights, both practical lights such as solar lamps and lanterns, as well as decorative lights can help make your outdoor living areas both safer and more enjoyable.

This year in particular, late summer is a great time to buy solar, because the solar product you really wanted in late May or June that was on back order is probably available now!

Maybe it’s something that will help you enjoy the late summer evenings, or maybe you want something like a shed light that will make it easier to find things in dark sheds during the day.

Shed Lights: Useful Day or Night

Shed Lights: Useful Day or Night

Many solar retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers underestimated the 2012 demand for solar products, which was substantially higher than the demand in 2011.

Not only are many products back in stock right now, many solar retailers may be open to making deals with customers to make up for the loss of sales when demand was high, but supplies were low.

Our San Raphael Lanterns, Relatively New, are Great for Evening Dinners or Drinks

Our new San Raphael Lanterns are Great for Evening Dinners or Drinks

In addition, there are always new solar lights and other solar lawn and garden products added to the market.  True, the spring is when many new products are launched, but there exceptions to every rule!

Think about how much more appealing an evening on the deck, terrace or balcony would be with an attractive and functional solar lamp or solar lantern?  Or bug-free with solar bug killers?

Or, how about a solar water fountain (many are available with lights and batteries that work at night) that adds relaxing sounds while you relax outside, either alone or with friends and family.

Buy from Manufacturers that Specialize in Solar Lights

Baytown Portable Solar Lamp Post

Portable Solar Lamps Can be Moved Around Your Property

When you do pick your solar lights, don’t go for those with rock-bottom prices unless you are looking for ones that will serve primarily as decorative lighting.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:  solar lighting is definitely one product where you usually get what you pay for.

Paying an extra $50 dollar for a solar lamp post, for example, can often mean not only getting the strength of light you need for any given area.  More importantly, the more expensive light will probably last a lot longer than the cheaper model.

The higher priced solar lighting is usually designed, engineered and manufactured by companies that focus only on solar products. For the consumer, this means products that for just a bit more money have better technology for lights that are brighter and more reliable.

Another reason to buy from solar specialty stores and manufacturers?  Many traditional lighting and electric manufacturers (Westinghouse, for example) can’t provide replacement parts.

Can panes be replaced? Can your retailer get you new batteries?

For high-ticket items, are replacement parts available, such as panes on solar lamps?

So, if something happens to a bulb, battery or any part of a solar fixture, odds are if the warranty has expired, you probably need to buy an entirely new fixture.

Not so for specialty solar lighting companies, who can provide most parts readily.

Our solar lamp manufacturers, for example, can even replace the panes of solar lamps that can be broken, for example, by a rock thrown up by a lawn mower, a baseball, or severe weather events.

Don’t view late summer as purely a “back to school” shopping season.  It’s also a great time to evaluate your outdoor lighting, water features and landscape decorations and see if a solar product will meet your needs.

Expand Your Product Searches Beyond Google!

Very soon, Google Product Search will be replaced by Google Shopping. The main difference: merchants will now be required to place a bid (and bids means that if a merchant bids higher than most others, their products may show up more prominently than others that actually offer you a better bang for your buck.

It’s unclear now, and probably will be for some time, what differences consumers will notice about the new Google Shopping. One thing is for sure though; many merchants are not going to want to bid against mega-stores with huge advertisement budgets for Google Shopping, a service that has been free to merchants for several years.

Our recommendation: Look beyond Google and try Bing and The Find, neither of which charge merchants fees to list their services.

The extra time you spend looking at the options available to you could mean not only higher quality merchandise, but better lower product prices and shipping fees!

Copyright 2012,,, AM McElroy

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