Send Them Back to School with Solar Lighting, Chargers, More!

In many areas of the country, kids from kindergarten through college have already started the new school year. In other areas, the often-dreaded day will soon begin.

And, whether you have a child in elementary school or college, or whether you teach in a formal classroom or school your children at home, odds are there is a solar or other environmental learning product for you.

Budgets are tight for most people this year, but here are some great suggestions to make going back to school a little more fun and to help students learn about the benefits of clean, renewable solar energy.

Solar Reading Light: Bright Enough for Reading without Disturbing RoomiesSolar Reading / Desk Lights
Quality solar reading lights or desk lamps let the lighting fixture stay inside, while the weather-proof solar panel rests on a sunny window sill, indoors or outside.

These are great for students with roommates, as they provide enough light to study and read without eyestrain, but won’t keep bother those who need  a certain level of darkness to sleep.

Along with no utility bills, this indoor solar light is one way to help new roommates get along!

Make Reading Fun! Great for Kids of All Ages

Help Make Reading Fun!

Nessie The Huggable Bendable Desk Lamp
Okay, this battery-operated LED lamp isn’t solar-powered, but it is a fun way to encourage good nightly reading and study habits.  It’s soft, fuzzy and comes in several different colors and patterns!

Portable Solar Chargers
Great for Phones, iPods, iPads, and Laptops!Portable solar chargers are great ways to power tablet computers, cell phones, iPods, iPads, and laptops! As long as the weather stays warm, students will want to study outside or listen to music with their friends.

Solar chargers are also great for starting conversations, important for those at new schools. And of course, they can keep people in touch and online if the power is out!

These are particular great for students that commute: there’s never a need to choose between keeping GPS, phones, or tablet computers charged! Safe, practical, economical power!

Decorative, Fountains Help with Relaxation, Sleep & Focus!

Tabletop Water Fountains
Again these aren’t solar, but it’s a proven fact that the sound of water helps people to relax and focus, making these a great gift to help decorate dorms or bedrooms.

Along with aiding in study, the trickling sound of water provides white noise, a big help for people not used to sharing rooms or living with night owls!

Environmental Science Kits and Learning Toys
Many kids love science, others aren’t so fond of it. But, there is a large selection of educational toys, experiment kits and board games that teach about renewable energy and green living.

Again, there are choices great for kids of all ages.  And, our eco-learning toys have been used in school settings by teachers and teacher aides to teach about solar and energy power, as well as water purification, the scientific principals behind flight and more!

So, whether you’re looking for gift for someone that loves school and learning, or those who need a bit of nudging, a cool solar light or charger might do the trick.  And, our green science kits and games are great for homeschooling, classroom use and for after school programs!

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