Solar Street Lights: Bright Solutions for Public and Private Sectors

Solar Street Lights: Not Just for Streets!

Solar Street Lights: Not Just for Streets!

Many US states and municipalities also choosing to go green to stretch tight budgets and help with the growing desire to be environmentally sustainable.

Cities and states throughout the United States are looking towards solar to save energy costs and help meet their environmental sustainability goals.

So too are universities, businesses, ports and other entities responsible for providing safe and reliable lighting for streets and roadways, sidewalks, parking lots, jogging or biking paths, and more.

We are very pleased to announce that our store, now offers solar street lights that are are made in the USA fully compliant with the Trade Act Agreement (TAA).  TAA compliance is necessary to obtain funding under the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which funds 90% of all road and bridge projects in the United States, even those administered at state and local levels.

TAA compliance is also necessary for most renewable energy incentive programs and grants.  For more information, please contact  Information on these incentive programs is available online at DSIRE, Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency at  DSIRE maintains a continuously updated database of federal, state, and local programs for renewable energy.

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Are Solar Christmas Lights a Naughty or Nice Choice for You?

Decorative Solar Light String with 2-inch Orbs

As soon as the Halloween decorations are taken off shelves, Christmas items will take their place and this year you are likely to see more solar string lights alongside other outdoor decorations.

The reasons: the need to save on electricity bills; growing demand for “green” products; and increasing variety and quality of solar lights with prices more comparable to quality alternatives.

While it makes sense to consider solar lighting to supplement or replace energy-hogging Christmas lights this season, here are some things that will determine whether your experience is naughty or nice.

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Energy Facts, And A Few Fibs, On Display At Presidential Debate (From

2012 "Town Hall" Presidential Debate

2012 “Town Hall” Presidential Debate by Getty Images

Our Note: The bulk of this article, and the first photo, is taken from a article published on October 16, 2012. In some instances, we have added facts, links and videos that we have found on our own that provide greater more information on what is stated in the article.

Article: Energy Facts, And A Few Fibs, On Display At Presidential Debate

“A question from a voter at Tuesday evening’s town hall debate — regarding whether it was within the purview of the government to control the price of gas — sent President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney into a war of words over energy policy, and neither actually answered the question.” Continue reading

How to Maximize Solar Lighting Performance During Shorter Days

Maximze Solar Lighting Performance During Shorter Days

Get the Most of Solar Lights During Short Days, Long Nights

Now that autumn is here, the days are shorter and your solar lights and other solar garden products will receive less sunlight at the same time you need them to stay on longer each night.

As we’ve said in other posts, some solar product should be taken inside during late fall or early winter.

However, contrary to what sellers of traditional electrical landscape lights may say, it is simply untrue that solar lights are only effective in the summer time.

True: solar lights aren’t as efficient during times of the year when there are more hours of darkness than daylight.

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