Another Phishing Scam that People are Falling for Hard

Watch Out for Phishing Scams

Free Help? No, Computer Poison

I got a call today from someone who said they were from Microsoft warning me that my computer had a virus and that a report had been sent to them. It was a scam, which I figured out immediately but  fed him enough rope to let him hang himself.

When I found out enough information, I contacted the Microsoft Security Center and informed them of what I had learned.  Unfortunately, they told me that while I had immediately recognized this as a dangerous scam, many people had not. Their computers were severely compromised, as was any personal and financial information kept on their computer. Here’s what happened and what you should and should never do when people call you to “help” with your computer. Continue reading

Caring for Your Outdoor Solar Lighting and Garden Products This Winter

Which Solar Lights, and Where, Winter Well and What to Take Indoors

Most solar products survive the winter just fine as long as you keep shovels, snow blowers and chemicals away from them. Others, however, really should be taken inside. This article reviews what should come in and how to store them properly, and what how to take care of solar lights that will stay out for the winter. Continue reading