Solar Means Cost-Effective Eco-Friendly and Humane Pest Control!

Moles Destroy GardensWhile many of us need to wait a couple more months before starting our gardens, this is a great time of year to purchase solar pest control, because the spring garden season often brings higher prices.

And, whether your pest are geese, deer, moles, coyotes, or burrowing mammals such as moles and groundhogs, there are many humane and highly effective solar products that can keep your property free of nuisance animals.

Depending on where you live, odds are that some type of wildlife has destroyed your landscape, gardens or shrubs.  Along with lower prices, installing solar pest control now means that some pests will be long gone before garden season or that migrating animals such as Canadian Geese, migrate north. Continue reading

Updated Solar Lamps and Solar Lamp Posts for 2013

Updated Solar Lamps & Lamp Posts at is a blog written by, an e-commerce site that provides “Smart Solutions for Solar Lighting and More!”

We’ve updated our site to reflect new product selections and prices for Gama Sonic Solar Lamps and Solar Lamp Posts to reflect 2013 product selections and new prices, as well as our handy reference guide to help you determine which one is best for you.

While prices rose for a few products, many prices dropped due to increased efficiencies in manufacturing. To be frank, given the cost of raw materials used in solar lamps, from the cast aluminum housing, to quality mono crystalline solar panels, to other metals used in circuitry, we had expected price increases across the board.

And, all of these products are sold by with free shipping and discounts when several products are purchased.

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Staying Green with Solar Lights After the Glow is Gone

Stay Green When Replacing Solar Lights or Parts

Nothing lasts forever, not even the best quality solar lights.

And long before the lights themselves have passed their brightest days, odds are that you’ll have changed batteries a couple of times and on some fixtures, even the light bulbs.

You’ve been good to the environment (and your pocketbook) by choosing solar. The question: how to stay green when disposing of solar lights and their components?

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Quantity Vs Quality: When Cheaper Solar Lights May Be Your Best Choice

Sometimes you do want quantity not quality

Should You Buy 8 Lights or 1 Light for $89.99? Depends on Your Goals!

With solar lighting, you usually get what you pay for.

We say this often and while this is generally true, it’s also a fact that there are many times when you really don’t need the highest quality solar lights to get the effect you want.

When it comes to buying lights that impact people’s safety (and your liability), you want to buy the best solar lights that you can afford.

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Recommended Reading: The Solar Energy Outlook for 2013

Will 2013 Be a “Watershed Year” for US Solar Industry?

While solar energy had it’s ups and downs in 2012, many industry experts predict that 2013 could offer massive opportunities for the United States solar industry.

The Solar Energy Outlook for 2013,” written by Vince Font and published on, predicts that:

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