Updated Solar Lamps and Solar Lamp Posts for 2013

Updated Solar Lamps & Lamp Posts at SolarFlairLighting.com

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We’ve updated our site to reflect new product selections and prices for Gama Sonic Solar Lamps and Solar Lamp Posts to reflect 2013 product selections and new prices, as well as our handy reference guide to help you determine which one is best for you.

While prices rose for a few products, many prices dropped due to increased efficiencies in manufacturing. To be frank, given the cost of raw materials used in solar lamps, from the cast aluminum housing, to quality mono crystalline solar panels, to other metals used in circuitry, we had expected price increases across the board.

And, all of these products are sold by SolarFlairLighting.com with free shipping and discounts when several products are purchased.

Victorian Solar Lamps

Royal Solar Lamps

Pagoda Solar Lamps

Windsor Solar Lamps

Baytown Solar Lamps

Flora Solar Lamps

Flora Solar Lamps

Imperial Solar Lamp, Flat

Imperial Solar Lamp, Acorn Finial

Imperial Solar Lantern, Acorn Finial

Overall, modest price cuts were seen across the seven different Gama Sonic Solar Lamp Series.

To quickly compare 2013 prices, as well as the features that result in some lamps being priced as low as $89.99 while others are $179.99, please view our guide, What_Solar_Lamp_is_Best_for_You. (PDF)

The guide outlines the technical differences between different lamp series, including available lamp styles types and prices. Please note that the guide is meant to supplement, not replace, our conversations with you, by giving you an easy way to compare the many solar lamps we offer. So, if you have any questions, please call us at (866) 686-6903 or email info@SolarFlairLighting.com and we’ll be happy to discuss what light is best for you based on your budget as well as the light requirements for the area you want to light with the a solar lamp.

While prices for many lamps and lamp posts within the Victorian series (see above photo) rose slightly, this wasn’t really unexpected. All of the Victorian Lamps were updated in 2012 with the latest in solar technology, including newer LEDs and a transition from NiMH to Lithium Ion batteries, which are ideal for solar lamps.

When those technical updates were made, prices across the Victorian series stayed stayed the same as with the old technology. The new lamps (and be careful to look for the words “Lithium Ion” in discounted versions of Victorian Solar Lamps, as some retailers are still unloading the lamps with outdated technology) are far brighter than before the redesign. We want to point this out because we’ve noticed some online comments from consumer who say the Victorian’s aren’t bright. We’ve examined those comments and most were written before the Victorians were updated.

Most products in the Imperial series (three types of solar lamps and solar lamp posts) dropped a bit, as did most of the Pagoda Solar Lamps and Lamp Posts. Other price cuts were seen throughout the Flora Series, and most of the Baytown solar lamps.

Unfortunately, the Windsor Portable Solar Lamp Posts have been discontinued because the portable Baytown Solar Lamp had a much lower price and for the price of the Windsor Portable Lamps, many customers wanted a permanent fixture.

Remember: SolarFlairLighting.coms prices are at the Minimum Asking Price (MAP) for a store of our size (a small woman-owned business). That being said, we are free to work with customers who call us to provide special offers when you purchase multiple units.

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