Missing Great Solar Items Because You Still Have Winter Weather?


Which Image Is YOUR Spring? Solar Manufacturer’s Don’t Care

Last year, we had lots of orders that we couldn’t fulfill because between the time we checked our supplies on Friday and filled our orders on Monday, the supply simply ran ran out.

While there were a few unusual things that happened in 2012 and which we hope won’t happen again in 2013, there are a few facts we have to deal with.

First, if you (like us) live in part of the US (like us) where spring is just a date on the calendar, you need to look forward.

Much as we wish we could focus on gardening, we’re still dealing with digging and plowing out our walkways and driveways. As consumers, we’re focusing on the snow predicted this week, not what we want our landscape to look like May through September. As retailers, we know the market and we are making sure that we are indeed buying what we want and/or need for the spring and summer NOW Continue reading

Add Low Cost (and Better) Fertilizer to Your Garden with DIY Compost


Organic Compost You Can Make Is Cheapest and Best Fertilizer for Gardens and Lawns

Whether you are an organic gardener, “frugal” or really into reducing waste that would otherwise to to landfills or sewage systems, nothing is as good for your garden bed as humus.

It doesn’t matter whether your gardens’ purpose is to create lovely flowers and shrubs or yummy veggies and fruits, humus provides nutrients better than the best chemical compounds available.

Humus also is a great way to make grass greener without harmful chemicals that eventually end up in your water supply and can give pets and people breast, brain, and other nasty cancers. Continue reading

Understanding MAPs and Why to Avoid Stores That Cheat on Them


Fact: Most Liars Regularly Lie;  Most Cheaters Regularly Cheat.

Our store, SolarFlairLighting.com, has many products (including our Solar Lamps and Lamp Posts) that have “Minimum Asking Prices,” more commonly known as MAPS.

Resellers usually agree to MAP pricing when they enter contracts with manufacturers and distributors.  The deal: you  can go well below the MSRP, but you can’t go below a certain price point.

Unfortunately, not all stores honor the promise they make to uphold MAPs.  This post discusses why MAPs are valuable for consumers AND merchants,  and what we think about stores who break contractual commitments.

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Springtime Tips for Solar Lights and Products!

With spring just around the corner, it’s a great time to take stock of your exterior solar and low voltage lighting.

Here are some pointers on taking care of your lighting fixtures, whether they were taken in for storage during the winter or left outside.

We hope you review these tips to protect the investments you’ve made as simple things can easily destroy lights, particularly solar lighting fixtures.

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Solar Incentives Still Available: Where to Find Them and Why to Use Them


Solar lighting makes sense for many applications, particularly areas where there is no existing power lines. Retrofitting energy lamps or street lights with solar fixtures are two practical ways to be good to the environment and save on utility bills.

True, there aren’t nearly as many renewable energy incentives today as there were 18 months ago, particularly at the federal level. But, many incentives still are available for solar lighting throughout the US at the state, county and city level. Some incentives are tax deductions, others are cash to help purchase and install via grants or low cost loans.

If you’re interested in these, act fast. Grant funding is snapped up quickly and while tax incentives for solar lighting is on the books for 2013, who knows what the future holds? Continue reading