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Each week our sister site,, posts tips about solar lighting.

Some tips address how to get the most from solar lighting at different times of the year. Others discuss the attributes of different types of solar lights and other solar products, including what to look for to get the most for your money.

Many of these tips are directly from or have been the Understanding Solar Lighting page of

Based on customer requests, we now will be listing all Solar Tips of the Week on this site

Tips to Reduce Mosquitoes Without Pesticides

Mosquitoes are already a problem in many areas of the United States.

Whether you live there, or in an area where mosquitoes are just beginning to be a concern, there’s lots you can due to reduce mosquitoes from your outdoor (and indoor) living areas.

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New Videos: Gifts of Solar Lighting, Custom American Lights

Video: Low Maintenance Tips for High Performing Solar Lights

We’ve been adding videos to’s YouTube Channel, including:

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It’s updated regularly not only to spotlight different types of products we carry, but also provides tips on how to maintain solar lighting and other solar Home & Garden products.

May 2013 Edition of Illusions, Solar Lighting Newsletter

Banner for May 2013 Illuminations Newsletter

The May 2013 edition of Illuminations, the Solar Lighting Newsletter from is now available online.

Illuminations covers solar lighting technology, solar product features and maintenance tips, and other industry trends.  Items in the current issue include:

  • 2013 Industry Trends In Solar Lighting
  • Product News:  new product lines (pond lighting; American-made solar streetlights)
  • Help with Replacement Parts or Batteries
  • Our Redesigned YouTube Channel
  • Hot Blog Posts

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Recommended Reading: 3 Reasons to Hate the Internet Sales Tax Bill

Internet_Sales_Tax_Washing_Money_AwayWe were going to write a post on this, but decided to recommend this well argued post about the looming Internet Sales Tax.

It’s a bad idea, we think, and geared to help bigger stores and online shopping sites, as well as the local Mom & Pop small businesses.

As 3 Reasons to Hate the Internet Sales Tax Bill from the Motley Fool points out:

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Video: Learn About Solar Water Foutains

Today, there are solar water fountains in almost every style you can imagine. This video shows some of the many looks solar fountains can give you, and also reviews the different technology available.

We hope this helps you pick a water fountain perfect for your garden or outdoor living area, and which ones will operate the way you want!

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Video – Curious About Solar Spot Lights?

Solar_Spotlight_Video_from SolarFlairLighting

Check it out on YouTube!

We’re adding more videos every day.  If you’re wondering how solar spotlights can help you meet your landscape lighting needs, this video has some great tips.

Spotlights serve functional needs, like brightening doorways and can also add dimension to your gardens by varied uses of lights. The benefits of flexible spotlights, what to look for when buying are briefly reviewed in this video.

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New Solar Lighting Videos Available, More To Come Soon


We’re Starting to Move Posts to Video

We’ve been working on several new videos for a while now.

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Solar Lighting Spring Checkup and Quick Tips for Best Performance


So many of us are finally tasting a very late spring and moving solar lights from storage to landscapes.

Luckier folks have been enjoying the outside and may  notice solar lights and other garden products just ain’t what they used to be.

Here’s some of the top problems along with how to avoid them, how to fix them (if possible), and when the fix just isn’t worth the cost or effort.

A bit of your time will mean a huge jump start for most most solar lighting fixtures or other solar products.

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