Understanding Solar Street Lights

If you want to know how solar street lights work, where and how they can be used, or how select a quality solar street light for your outdoor lighting project, read this article.  For a quick overview, please see our YouTube video “Solar Street Lights Are Bright Ideas.”

Solar Street Lights have been used throughout the world for several years. More recently, public and private sector property managers and roadway departments have been using them for street, parking lot, bridge and recreational facilities throughout the United States.

Solar Street Lighting at marina or port in southern USA

Solar Street Light Project, Mississippi

Just like all solar lighting, all solar street lights are not created equal. In fact, our solar street lights are specially configured for each customer. Information about the purpose of the lighting, the specific site layout are combined with data about latitude, geographic location, climate and other factors to come up with highly customized lighting solutions.

And, we offer solar street lights designed and made by an American company that specializes in street lighting. Some of the lights are new, with poles; others are designed to go on existing poles to retrofit lighting.

We offer lights that are American-made so they can be purchased with public funding and solar street lights lights made overseas. US lights, naturally, cost more due to American labor and factory costs. (You can’t have it both ways people.)

While the prices shown in our blog post from last year do not reflect the cost of US-made lights, the post still has much useful information about how solar lights are used for roadway, parks, marinas and other private and public sector property managers throughout the nation.

Our video, though short, discusses how solar street lights work and how they are being used. Of course, the video discusses the many benefits of solar street lights, which include:

  • Installation Significantly Lower or Equal to Electric Street Lights
  • Environmentally friendly, solar street lights rely on renewable energy
  • Non-disruptive installation, with minimal damage to landscape, roads, paved areas or sidewalks
  • Lower maintenance costs, including far fewer changes of light fixtures
  • Reliable solar light for most parts of the United States when configured properly

Supera Solar Street Lights from Solar Flair LightingThis video reviews these issues and discusses the importance of quality lighting design and engineering. After all, the street lights sold by SolarFlairLighting.com are tailored to meet the specific geographic, climate and lighting objectives of each individual customer.

It also addresses which solar street lights may be funded with public funds for roadways, infrastructure improvements or renewable energy incentive programs.

The bottom line:  lights made in India, China and many other places in the world are not eligible for public sector funds. Along with roadway projects, many bike or hiking paths, parking areas, parks and marinas may be eligible for some sort of infrastructure improvement money.  The US Navy, the US Army Corps of Engineers and many state highway/DPWs all require require items to be entirely, or substantially, made in America.

While there’s less renewable energy incentive funds than there was a couple of years ago, it’s still available in many parts of the United States with either local, state or federal money.  The rub:  incentive funds almost always require that the solar street light be made in America or another country that is TAA-compliant.

solar street lights to retrofit existing street lights use poles already there.

Retrofits Use Your Posts for Maximum Cost Efficiency

For a list of which countries are deemed TAA-compliant by the General Services Adminstration (GSA), a requirement for most public sector projects as well as most renewable energy incentive programs, please visit: http://gsa.federalschedules.com/resource-center/resources/taa-designated-countries.aspx.

We have solar street lights that are made in the USA as well as overseas, offering more choices to customers. Our American-made street lights and those made overseas include those for new roadway poles, as well as solar street lights to retrofit existing electric or gas lit poles.

Check out our store’s Solar Street Light page for more details or our 2012 blog post Solar Street Lights: Bright Solutions for Public and Private Sectors.

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