Ways to Protect Your Solar Lights and Warranty Rights

customer_satisfactionWe often speak with customers to answer questions and give them assistance to buy the best solar light or water feature.

We also answer questions about maintenance issues (particularly battery changes), and when the product isn’t working the way you expected it to.

Here are some things that you can do so that we can provide you with the best possible customer services.  An added benefit: these tips can help you protect any manufacturer warranties.

Always open the product carefully, and keep all documentation and packaging until you know that it works correctly. The sooner we know there’s a problem, the sooner we can fix it.

Please contact our store (SolarFlairLighting.com) and not the manufacturer if you have a question or problem with the product.

Even if you complete an ownership registration form, please us before you contact the manufacturer.  As the retailer, we can often make your path easier and help you can the answers you need. (And, we like to know if certain products or brands tend to have an unusual amount of issues.)

Always Save the Product Instructions/User Manual. Please read and follow any instructions that come with your product. In addition, save any user documentation for down the road for maintenance.

Eventually, all solar products’ batteries must be replaced. Solar fountains occasionally need to be taken apart for a thorough cleaning. And, batteries should be removed and marked from any item that is being stored, such as many solar lights and water features during the winter.

By having the instructions handy, you’ll be able to do your maintenance easier and put the item back together properly.

For more ways to take care of your solar products from the time the box arrives until they’ve outlived their lifespan, watch the video below.

Copyright 2013, SolarLightingSmart.com, SolarFlairLighting.com, AM McElroy

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