Recommended: US Homeowners Want Solar, Find Two New Reports

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“Two new reports attest to the popularity of solar among homeowners across the U.S. While the two reports come from very different sources — The Center for American Progress (CAP) is a progressive advocacy organization and Market Strategies advises 20 of the U.S.’s largest utilities — their conclusions are roughly the same: U.S. homeowners are interested in and want solar.

The studies suggest that utilities, policymakers and regulators should consider this as they consider current and future net-metering and other solar incentive policies.”

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Some Solar Lights Can Not Be Fixed and Overall Are a Waste of Money

Crappy solar light with bad light sensor that makes it work during daylight only.

Some Solar Lights Can’t be Saved and You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money on Them in the First Place

We just did a post about a solar lantern that wasn’t working as it should be. And, there was a quick fix to that problem and the lantern works as great as ever.

Unfortunately, not all solar lights can be saved. Even more unfortunately, there are a lot of lights that frankly are a waste of money.  We can’t say it often enough: with solar lighting, you usually get what you pay for.

It’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but even though it’s daytime, this solar light is on. In fact, the only time it works is in the daytime.

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Quick Fix for a Common Performance Problem with Solar Lights

Even the Best Solar Lights Get Tired

Even the Best Solar Lights Get Tired

Even the best solar lights can get tired.

Our Plantern (half planter, half solar lantern) was a bright and attractive addition to our deck this summer.

It added just enough light to sit at the table and chat comfortably by, and was bright enough that it usually kept the motion activated spotlights and floodlights from turning on. (Which sometimes can be annoying if you’re out for some fresh air before you go to bed.)

But, the other day I  noticed the light quality was GAWD-awful. Luckily, it was an easy fix.  Find out what happened and how easy it was to get it back to it’s normal self.

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Fire Pits – Top Safety Issues and What Different Features Mean

use fire pits safely

Fire Pits Add Warmth to Outdoor Gatherings, But Safety First.

With so many different types of fire pits available with a broad range of features and prices, there’s bound to be one that’s perfect for you.

Find out what to look for and compare when making your purchase decision, what fire pits may be dangerous (even recalled) and still are for sale online, and basic fire pit safety with this post.

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