Quick Fix for a Common Performance Problem with Solar Lights

Even the Best Solar Lights Get Tired

Even the Best Solar Lights Get Tired

Even the best solar lights can get tired.

Our Plantern (half planter, half solar lantern) was a bright and attractive addition to our deck this summer.

It added just enough light to sit at the table and chat comfortably by, and was bright enough that it usually kept the motion activated spotlights and floodlights from turning on. (Which sometimes can be annoying if you’re out for some fresh air before you go to bed.)

But, the other day I  noticed the light quality was GAWD-awful. Luckily, it was an easy fix.  Find out what happened and how easy it was to get it back to it’s normal self.

Photo Courtesy Gama Sonic, http://www.GamaSonic.com

Photo Courtesy Gama Sonic, http://www.GamaSonic.com

Since we don’t use the deck as much in mid-late October as we do when it’s warm out, we didn’t notice that when season changed, so did where the shadow fell.

While during the summer this lantern received several hours of sun each day, it was located in a space that was covered with shadows most of the day once Fall arrived.

Since the solar panel wasn’t getting enough sunlight, the battery that runs the solar lantern at light was tired.

As a result, the lantern provided little light which is clearly visible in the photo to the left. So, how did we get it to be so bright again?

The fix: Simple.

Some people might think that a new battery is needed, but that’s usually not the case. The solar panel just wasn’t getting enough sun.

So, we just shut the light off and set it in direct sun early in the morning.

By mid-afternoon, it had been in full sunlight for about six hours.  In the meantime, we checked to make sure that six hours was enough time by taking it to the basement. (That’s why there is a white background.) It’s as bright as ever.

The mums? Well, luckily I’m not a fan of mums, so I’ll be adding that plant to the compost pile.

Since we don’t plan on leaving this light outdoors for the winter, stay tuned! We’re currently working on a video and blog post to show you the right ways to prepare solar lights and water features for seasonal storage so that next spring, they’ll be ready to provide you lots of enjoyment next spring and summer.

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