Veterans Day is More Than a Reason for Weekend Sales

Monday, November 11, 2013 is Veterans Day.

To many people, it’s just another reason for a sale. We disagree.

Abe Lincolns quote that our duty is to care for him (and her) that has fought for our rights.

Since Vietnam, the rate of severely wounded men and women who have survived their injuries has continued to increase dramatically.

American Veterans range from teenagers recently home from Iran and Afghanistan (and often places you’ve  never heard of) to elderly men and women who served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and other special military operations.

Please take a few moments to find out how you can thank our country’s Vets as well as active servicemen and women and their families in a meaningful way. We think you’ll find a small donation, driving a Vet to a doctor’s appointment, or visiting a Vet in nursing care is worth far than a great deal online.

Find Out More About US Vets and Why Your Support is Necessary

This Veterans Day Weekend, we’re posting videos about all sorts of Vets and we hope you take time to watch them.  We also ask you to contact your senators and representatives in Congress to ask them to support our Vets and the Veterans Administration.

Don’t think that your message will be ignored. Politicians know that if you take the time to contact them, odds are you’ll vote in the next election. One tip: please be civil when you contact them, as hard as it may be after the October shenanigans shutdown.

Today’s Video: The Many Faces of American Vets That Need Medical Care

Please support our Vets in whatever way you can and please share this blog post with as many people as possible.  Vets of all ages, sexes, ethnicity and religions have served our country and it’s time to thank them in a meaningful way.

This video is a good snapshot of the millions of Veterans from age 18 to 80-plus that rely on the Veterans Administration.  Please remember than many Vets, especially those getting on in years, don’t always have families to support them. Even those who do will appreciate your thanks and donation of time or money. 

What Can You Do

Watch Gary Sinise (Lt. Dan from Forest Gump) tell you how you can help. Then, click on the photo above to learn how you can help Vets nationwide or in your area.

Thank you for thanking them and please share this post with as many people as possible.

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