Update To All of You Submitting Spam Comments

We have a low tolerance for cow manure. Zero in fact.

Want to Waste our Time with Spam Comments?

Be prepared for the consequences. We take action and we get results.

For example, we gave a person a warning and they posted five more shortly after the email was sent. The person’s blog and email was cancelled by the service provider.

Read on to see the screen capture of the person who no longer has blog or email account and now has to start from scratch. 
The screen capture is unedited except that we blurred innocent parties and we sure as hell are not going to credit the spammer by posting now defunct blog and product (it was a phony medical product) with free advertising.

Example: Blog & Email Cancelled Due to Spam Comments

So Sad, Too Bad. We Warned You.

Think a link to Pinterest or YouTube will be overlooked: think again. If it takes public flogging, we don’t care.


As far as email spam, well don’t even get us started on that.  Our goal: to get your email pulled, to report your site and the sites you’re promoting by whatever legal and/or administrative means available.

Fair Warning: ZERO Tolerance Means ZERO TolewhenIamMadrance

We’ve already filed complaints against several of you.

Accidentally losing legitimate comments is one of the prime reasons we go after you spammer.

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