Solar Lanterns, Solar Flashlights, Rechargeables, Even Crank or Dynamo

Solar lanterns offer lots of benefits over traditional ones that use candles, electricity, kerosene or even batteries.  Ditto with solar flashlights, and most of the ones we carry can hold a up to 80% of their solar charge for several months, great for keeping them in your car for emergencies.

Here’s the most recent video on our YouTube channel. Check it out…(and yes, the San Rafael Mission II style solar lanterns are back.) And, there’s a lot to choose from. That’s why we posting our latest video that focuses on these great gadgets. .Some are pretty and really “decorative” lighting, others are highly functional with special features like bendable handles so you can hook them up and keep your hands free, or really do provide light strong enough to use camping or dining (indoors or out).

See More Choices. Get More Answers

Why do you say that? Because often customers need help figuring what’s best for their lighting needs or budget. And we focus on customer service. For example: the first time the customer who sent the photo below called us, it was because a product malfunctioned. She was so happy she bought more products, and sent us the following photos of her garden (which is on organized tours in New York State). solar_lantern_thumbnailUnlike most big box stores, we know our products well and can discuss the pros and cons of them with you. And like many online store, welcomes calls takes the time to go over various options options with customers. And, if there’s something you really want that we don’t have on our store, usually we can find it for you. That’s why SolarFlairLighting.coms videos end with “See More Choices. Get More Answers.”

Copyright 2013,,, AM McElroy. This post and the video it links to may not be used in part or in whole without the express written consent of one of the above parties. 

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