Check Out November Illuminations Newletter on Solar Lights

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As we begin our 4th year in business, we thought it would be a good time to review how the landscape of solar lighting has changed, and how our store, is evolving to meet these changes.  Below is a summary of the November 2013 issue of Illuminations, our quarterly newsletter. (And, we’re having sales now and more are on the way for later this week and next week.)

The Changing Landscape of Solar Lighting One reason we opened was that we knew quality solar lights were available, but they were often hard to find. In early 2010 , most quality solar lights were sold by niche retailers. Today, most big box stores and many more smaller resellers carry solar lighting today, but quality products often are hard to distinguish. Find out why. Gama Sonic Making Solar Lights Now a Gama Sonic Preferred Dealer Many resellers sell Gama Sonic solar lights, a tiny fraction of these are preferred vendors. We’re proud to have earned this designation, which along with sale volume is based on customer service as well as… more
New Ways to Communicate with Our Customers One way we are dealing with the changing landscape is strengthening our customer communications with News Flashes, or to follow our updated blog on its new, faster host, and growing our presence on YouTube and social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. more What MAP Pricing Means and Why It’s Important The Gama Sonic article discusses what happens when distributors find out resellers cheat on MAP pricing. More and more of our distributors have MAP rules… more
Quality Merchandise and Customer Service Remains Our Primary Objectives  We don’t like selling junk and try hard to avoid doing so. We always test sample products from all of our new distributors before we sell any of their products… more What To Expect in 2014 and Sales  Along with new products, we’re excited completely upgrading itself. The enhancements include scalability for easier viewing on tablets and smart cell phones… more

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