Product Spotlight on Solar Pest Control

We’ve discussed solar pest control in past blog posts and now have a video that show some of the different products available for specific types of nuisance animals from from crows to geese to moles and deer. Even stronger, more predatory animals such as foxes and coyotes can be deterred with the right type of solar device.

Other Benefits:

  • Humane Way to Get Rid of Pests: These make the area uncomfortable and/or undesirable to nuisance animals, the devices do not physically harm the animalsNo Poison or Traps: No chance of accidental harm to wanted wildlife, pets or children that can interact with the devices when they are installed properly. Most have minimal risk of any harm even if they are installed improperly.
  • No Need to Regularly Replace Chemicals or Netting:  Upfront cost quickly pays for itself and minimal maintenance is required.

deer eatng plants and garden, seaguls fouling waterfront areafox stealing chicken, goat, rooster, coyote

Visit to view our full selection of humane and environmentally friendly pest control.

Got Questions?

No problem, just call or email and we’ll be glad to discuss our products and which are best for your situation.

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