Include Solar Water Features in Your Springtime Garden Plans

foxboro_water_gardenIf you’re looking for a way to add sound and movement to your garden this year, don’t forget about water features. Whether you’re thinking about adding a new pond or a stand-alone feature, solar powered fountains and pumps are a great way to do so without a lot of expense.

Here’s some resources that may convince you that adding water to your garden, terrace or balcony is a lot easier than you think.

Okay, we’d be lying if we told you that the waterfall we showed used a solar pump: it doesn’t. It uses a pump that cost about $3000 and which uses about $70 dollars worth of electricity a month. While we could sell such pumps, we don’t. Our store, has been name a “green merchant” by several online sites that audit our inventory.

A smaller waterfall? Definitely possible, especially if you do your math (or use our online calculators that let you punch in some simple dimensions to see of solar pumps will work for you or to find out how much electricity electrical pumps use each month.)

Other great choices are solar water fountains: there’s tons out there to choose from. And one thing that’s far more available than in the past are solar water pumps that can be set in less than sunny locations.  Newer water features use batteries that store solar energy and work when you want them to, or directly off of the sun.

In the past, most solar fountains needed to be directly in the sun. Not anymore: usually the solar panels can be placed up to 10-18 feet away from the pump or fountain.

Adding Lights? Consider Solar or Low-Voltage Lights

Again, lots to choose from.  Solar lights (which almost always use LEDs) are an easy option for subtle or dramatic effects: with choices of white, warm-toned or multi-colored options. Some submersible, some designed for wet environments.

low-voltage LED pond lights

Even if you use low-voltage LEDs instead of halogen, you’ll find that many more quality choices are available than in the past.  And unlike halogen bulbs that can fish, animals, plants or expensive equipment since they at hot temperatures, LED lights should always be cool to the touch.  Since we’re moving our website soon, just go to and use the search box or look at our product categories.

We’ll be adding more eco-friendly lights, fountains and water pumps in the coming weeks, so say posted to and

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