Lithium Ion Batteries ARE Safe, Just Not in Cargo Holds

Lithium Ion Batteries are Commonly Used and Inherently Very Safet

Lithium Ion Batteries are Commonly Used and Inherently Very Safe

Due to recent events in the news and a call from a customer, we want to reiterate that Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are extremely safe. Along with many solar lights, Li-Ions are regularly used in everyday products that  include hearing aids, digital and film cameras, hand-held video games, video games, video recorders, laptops, cellphones and smart phones.

(Sorry, but in this day of social media, half-baked “theories” spread faster than gossip at a 7th grade lunch room.)

Many of you undoubtedly have taken and/or used these items onto airplanes and it is perfectly safe to do so.  We are reiterating the safety of Lithium Ion batteries because we have heard on the news (and so did a customer who called in a minor state of panic about her lights with Lithium Ion batteries) that there may have been large quantities of large Lithium Batteries on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flown as cargo. Lithium Ion batteries are forbidden by as cargo by most aviation agencies in the world, including the US Federal Aviation Administration. Find out..

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Exxon Valdez Spill – 25 Years Later Effects Linger

Alaskan Beaches 3 Days After Exxon Valdez SpillMonday is the 25th Anniversary of the  Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and I found an article about how some things still aren’t and probably will never be “as good as ever.”

It’s almost 4 years since the 2014 BP Deep Water Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

I know there are lots of good people doing lots of good things, but often I wish BP’s public relations staff would give it a rest. BP and others Screwed UP. VERY BADLY. What BP does now doesn’t change the fact that, as with the Exxon Valdez spill, some things will never completely recover, at least not in our life times.

You think Mother Nature screwed up this winter? It’s nothing compared to greedy corporations, people willing to look the other way for cheap fuel, and overworked rig workers, truckers or even boat captains. Accidents happen. 

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Be Careful with Pond and Fountain Water Treatments

Use Care with Outdoor Water TreatmentsAlgae, mineral build-up, and droppings left behind by our feathered friends can do a number outdoor water features.  And it sure is convenient to throw in some chemicals to solve the problem.

But even the safest, non-toxic chemicals can be dangerous to birds, other wildlife, pets and children. Not to mention other people that will directly or indirectly come into contact with them.  Here are some tips to avoid chemicals when possible, and how to be extra safe when you determine they really are necessary.

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Charge into Boating Season with Solar!

In between updating our web site, we’ve added lots of solar boating and waterfront lights for fresh and saltwater environments, along with marine solar chargers. Check out some of our eco-friendly and cost-effective solar marine lights and chargers at Here’s a sneak peak:


Solar Piling Lights add down lighting, enhancing aesthetics and safety!

Solar Piling Lights add down lighting, enhancing aesthetics and safety!

Cleats with solar lights help eliminate one of the greatest dockside tripping hazards!

Cleats with solar lights help eliminate one of the greatest dockside tripping hazards!

5 watt, 12 Volt Marine Charger for boat lifts and marine equipment


10 Watt, 12 Volt Solar Marine Charger

10 Watt, 12 Volt Solar Marine Charger


Commercial Solar Lights: A Great Solution for Property Managers

Restaurant, courtyard, basketball court, park, industrial loading dock.Not enough people understand the benefits of solar lights for property managers, and that’s why commercial solar lighting is often misunderstood.

Some people think that solar lighting is largely broken into two types:

  • Solar lights for residential settings, and with lots more to choose from we wish we could say that all lights are great, but the fact is there more more junky “disposable” solar lighting than ever before.
  • Expensive solutions for commercial properties, such as big-ticket solar street lights or complex systems where solar panels power a system of lights that involve a power lines similar to electrical systems.

Sure, those two types exist, but there’s a whole lot more, and one of these are stand-alone commercial solar lights.  While we finish our detailed post, we hope you take a look at our latest YouTube video on Stand-Alone Commercial Lights.  Then, hop over to to check out some of the different types of commercial lights we offer. Continue reading