Commercial Solar Lights: A Great Solution for Property Managers

Restaurant, courtyard, basketball court, park, industrial loading dock.Not enough people understand the benefits of solar lights for property managers, and that’s why commercial solar lighting is often misunderstood.

Some people think that solar lighting is largely broken into two types:

  • Solar lights for residential settings, and with lots more to choose from we wish we could say that all lights are great, but the fact is there more more junky “disposable” solar lighting than ever before.
  • Expensive solutions for commercial properties, such as big-ticket solar street lights or complex systems where solar panels power a system of lights that involve a power lines similar to electrical systems.

Sure, those two types exist, but there’s a whole lot more, and one of these are stand-alone commercial solar lights.  While we finish our detailed post, we hope you take a look at our latest YouTube video on Stand-Alone Commercial Lights.  Then, hop over to to check out some of the different types of commercial lights we offer. In the next few days, we’ll fill in the details with a blog post on Stand-Alone Commercial Lights, including some of the new technology of interest to small business owners (who may need a cost-effective, easy solution for security or parking lights) to industrial, medical or business park “campus” settings, to residential property managers.

Among the things we’ll discuss: Intelligent Lighting, new technologies that are rapidly becoming more affordable for small businesses, and what to look for to make sure you get solar lights that meet your budget and provide long-lasting improvements to your property.

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