Manufacturer Sale on Selected Better Solar Shed Lights, Solar Lamps

Solar_lamps_wall_mount_light_saleYes, the primary purpose of our blog is to provide information and answer questions about outdoor solar lights and landscape products.

From time to time we do share info when our store ( has special sales and this one is a rare chance to get some high quality solar lamps and shed lights at great prices, with free shipping.

Great Discounts AND Free Shipping to the 48 Contiguous United States on:

The Victorian Solar Lamp Fitter, the Victorian Wall Mounted Lamp, and the Victorian Lamp for Post/Pier Mounts (for flat walls, columns and pillars) are all $99 with free shipping – a savings of $30 off of the normal price of $129.00

on sale: quality solar lights, Victorian Solar Lamps, gama sonic solar lightsThe Weston Solar Lamp with Motion Sensor is also on sale through June 30: again, save $30 and get one for $99.00 with free shipping!

weston_solar_lamp_outdoor_solar_lightsSee all of our sale items and our video on why we like these solar lamps so much at

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