Cool! New Warm White Victorian Lamps loves the Victorian Solar Lamp. We’re really glad that it’s now gotten even better! Along with models that have PIR/Motion Sensing Technology for smart solar lamps, our store’s Victorian Solar Lamp is now available with warm white LEDs for illumination far more like old fashioned lamps and lamp posts.


How do you make a great solar lamp even better? Add warm white LEDs to a classic design for illumination more like the 19th Century gas lamps that inspired its design!

We’re holding an introductory sale on the Warm Tone Victorian Solar Lamps: through August 31, save $20 on each lamp with free shipping to the 48 contiguous United States.

The lamps, which come with hardware for post, wall or column/pillar/horizontal wall mounting, are on sale for $99. After August, the lamps will be sold for $119.00 and as with all‘s products: free shipping for all non-freight orders.

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