Humane Solution for Nuisance Animals: Solar Pest Control

Learn how solar powered products can help protect your property and animalsWith three feet of snow outside, it’s a bit hard to believe that spring really is just around the corner.

With spring coming, we want to remind you that taking care of nuisance animals is often much easier if action begins before the animals have their young.

It’s said that God loves all creatures; not so for folks who deal with filth, garden or property damage, or when your animals are at risk. Solar pest control is both humane and effective: no poison, no physical harm to animals (including pets and people).

There are lots of different solar powered pest control devices that help you get rid of nasty geese, dirty seagulls, plant-eating deer, and even potentially dangerous animals like coyotes or wolves.

We’ve talked about the many benefits of solar pest control before and even created a short YouTube presentation/video about how it all works.

Here’s a Short Recap:

  • Good solar pest control devices target the weaknesses of different animals, making property “uncomfortable” for the animals, usually without disturbing other species
  • No worries about accidental harm to children, pets, livestock, or animals
  • No ugly netting or expensive fencing
  • Don’t let the upfront cost fool you: they will save you money as opposed to replacing ugly damaged netting, or regularly reapplying sprays or other potions that often don’t work on really hungry animals

What Types of Animals Can Solar Pest Control Help You Out With?

Our store has ones targeted to many different types of animals, and we’ll soon be adding new eco-friendly and solar pest control products. The images below show some of the animals that you can use our solar pest control devices to help protect what’s important to you.

Deer eating gardens, seagull near expensive boat

Deer can destroy gardens; what seagulls leave behind isn’t pleasant.

fox eating chick, goat, chicken, wolf,

Farmers, ranchers and even pet owners can benefit from the right solar pest control devices.

Check out our Solar Pest Control Products

Remember, these are one-time purchases, not things you’ll have to buy over and over again. Also, while we have Minimum Advertising Prices for most of our products. We often can also offer special deals with customers we speak to over the phone, especially when multiple units are being sold.

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