How to Use Hydraulic Pressure Calculators When Picking Solar Water Pumps

water feature with calculator overlayCan solar pumps do EVERY thing that electric pumps can? No, but they can do a lot more than many people think.

And you don’t need to deal with transformers, electrical conduits, or cords. Solar pumps mean no often costly increases to your electric bill and you eliminate the noise of most electric pumps.

In fact, we’ll soon retrofit our patio fountain with a solar pump because the current pump is louder than the sound of the trickling water, hardly relaxing.

This post covers how to properly use a Hydraulic Calculator: what to measure and how to input the measurements properly. We’re showing two examples of how we used our Hydraulic Head Pressure calculator to help two customers select solar pumps: one to retrofit an existing electric pump, the other for a new waterfall.

Selecting the Right Pump is Important

To get a solar water pump to work for your water feature, you have to pick the RIGHT solar pump. Using a hydraulic calculator is a great way to figure out what is the right solar pump,and if you may need to tweak your design plans.

This post demonstrates how to use our Hydraulic Head Pressure Calculator to pick the right pump, and other tips to think about for your next outdoor water feature product.

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