Where Did The Photos Go? Away with Our Old Site

Puzzled Guy
Where Are the Images? Website Updates Changed, Updated, Renamed Many Images

Lots of the images on this blog are gone, for a while anyway. That’s because SolarLightingSmart.com updated our other site.

Since the two sites shared many graphics and we upgrade the other ones, we need to replace images on this site. Especially ones in our older posts.

Since solar lighting technology evolves rapidly, its a chance to give this blog a good cleaning.

A complete makeover and other content type of changes are also on the for SolarLightingSmart.com.

Changes to Come with SolarLightingSmart.com

Since our store (SolarFlairLighting.com) now has an online blog, we’re going to be using this site differently. We want to avoid duplicating content and we want to change the focus of SolarLightingSmart.com. We’ll continue to post some things about our store on this site, but a lot of our product spotlights and maintenance tips will be posted on that site. It will be easier to have new content without having to worry about overlapping content that may at times not be as current as what’s on the other site. .

New Focus

We don’t want this blog to just be a tool for the store so our focus is going to change. We’ll still talk about renewable energy with focus on solar, but we’ll also talk thinks that don’t always fit well on the store blog, like:

  • What to look for when you buy in terms of the many stores you can buy from. Sure, price is important, but sometimes that steal of a deal can rob you blind.
  • Payments: the pro’s and con’s of various payment types (credit card, ACH/electronic check debits, and alternative payment platforms like PayPal)
  • How search engines work today: if your looking for products, odds are you’ll get product listing ads. Don’t be dazzled by the position — how do you sort thru to find what’s best for you?
  • Other things that we find interesting that we hope you may be interested to

PG-13 Material? Possibly!

The store site is meant for everyone; not everything on this site will be. We are tired of not saying what we really want because what we say or how we say it might offend someone. We’re not into potty mouth for shock value, dammit, sometimes we want to take the filter off. More to come soon, along with a new look to this store. This is our peak season, we’re still working on things you don’t see that go along with a new site (like fixing other site’s links to our deleted or renamed pages) and so forth. It may take a few weeks, but soon SolarLightSmart.com may be a VERY different type of site!

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