So Pope Francis is Green…and other Reasons We Like Him

We’re not really religious, but we don’t think Pope Francis’ Letter: On Care for Our Common Home is really about religion as much as it’s a very clear statement on climate change, descriptions of impacts to the Earth (and how we’ve been lousy custodians), and when the Pope speaks, boy do people listen. Our onsite blog discusses why we think it’s important AND relevant to us since we sell renewable energy, often with funds from incentive programs.

Pope Francis and quotes Letter: On Care for Our Common HomeWe think there are other reasons why this Pope is a refreshing change of face, and actually really kind of a cool guy

Note: these photos and captions were all found on Pinterest and were created by We hope they don’t mind us sharing.  The photos all were from one large photo about why Pope Francis was “Man of the Year” a while back. If you read our article, think about these things and why we don’t think this is really a Catholic issue: it’s about being a good human.

Pope Francis speaks out against frivolous spending by the Church Francis invites boy with Downs Syndrome for ride in Popemobile! Francis embraces and kisses man with horribly disfiguring and painful disease Pope denounces judging gays - if someone is gay and searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge? Pope Francis Urges Protection of Amazon Rainforest Pope Francis sneaks out of the Vatican dressed as regular priests and feeds the poor and homeless in Rome.