We’re Moving!

our new storefront includes an onsite blog

SolarLightingSmart.com is written and managed by SolarFlairLighting.com, and has been since 2011.

Earlier this year we overhauled our store and the new site has its own onsite blog.

It no longer makes sense for us to keep SolarLightingSmart.com up and running.

Especially when so many of our posts lost the images when we moved this blog to WordPress when our old server became tortuously slow (after being hand a lot of Bull about why, we finally moved but we did lose a lot of our followers.)

Instead, we’re moving (and updating!) all relevant posts.¬†We also plan to start a new blog that goes far beyond solar lighting.

Why We’re Making The Change

First, when we moved the store a lot of our images disappeared. Second, having the same content on two sites is not only boring, it hurts our search engine ratings for duplicate content.

By the Way: We’re damn sick and tired of sending out take-down notices and for the record, there are lots of easy ways for us to find out about other sites that either take our content and copy the entire things into their “blogs” or those who do quick (and easy to discover) edits.

It’s really easy to prove that we are the author, and we’ve never been unsuccessful with a take down notice. Sometimes, the blogs or sites that steal from us are penalized. Other times, they are closed down.

The other reason that we are creating a new blog is that there are a lot of things we have to say and we don’t want to have to worry about censoring ourselves in fear of offending customers.

Plans for the New Blog

Our new blog, which should launch soon and which we’ll talk more about when it’s up and running, will focus on lots of things including:

  • Current events, particularly the 2016 elections and renewable energy
  • Tips to Shop Wisely Online
    In the past, we’ve included these on SolarLightingSmart.com, but we’d like to be more blunt.

    Because we shop online quite a bit and have our own store, we do know some things that are easy tip-offs about how much the store managers care about their customers and their websites. And again: we don’t want to have to censor ourselves for fear of retribution by the guilty (or lazy or careless) parties.

  • Things We Find Amusing, but Which Many Customers Might Not
    Every day we see things that make us laugh or cringe and often we’d like to share and comment on these things without offending any actual, past or potential customers.
  • Web Hosts, Search Engines, Online Habits
    We have a lot of things to say about these and again: a forum linked to our place of business is not necessarily the best place for this.

    If you follow us on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or other social media (and effort we hope to expand on in the future), we hope you will continue to do so.

    If not, note that this site will be up for a while, and we plan to announce the new blog as soon as we’ve removed most of the major references to our store.

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