About Us

Why We’re Here

SolarLightingSmart.com was started because we love solar lighting and had a tough time finding blogs focused on it.

Sure, there are tons of blogs on solar power and renewable energy and we like a lot of them, but we couldn’t find many dedicated to solar lighting.  And, many were subdirectories of solar light stores.

Along our way, we found lots of people who aren’t fans of solar lighting. We hope we can convince them to “come into the light,” and welcome them here.

Obsolete Solar Light

Dated Solar Style & Technology, from DIY Network circa 1997

Too many people made up their minds about solar lights by using older lights and don’t understand how far the technology has come over the past couple of years.

We’re into environmental protection and dislike most conventional energy options.  We don’t consider ourselves extremist of any kind: pragmatic, yes; radical, no.

Instead, we want to help people learn about solar lights as well as solar power and other renewable energies. Because it is the smart thing to do.

Who We Want to Talk With, and About What

We really want to exchange information with other fans of solar power and solar lighting and renewable energy in general.  Whether your garden and landscape projects are professional or just for you, you’re more than welcome here.

Other folks we hope join us are members are gardening, lighting and environmental organizations, solar retailers (even competitors), and anyone who has an interesting point of view.  Guests posts are welcomed and encouraged!

We Protect Our Copyrighted Material

Call it Plagiarism, Call it Theft of Intellectual Property, Call it Whatever You Like.  If You Do It, We’ll Be Calling You.

You are welcome to use use any of the material on this site on your own blog, provided that you clearly state (not in little letters at the bottom) that you copied it from www.solarlightingsmart.com and you must include a working link to this www.solarlightingsmart.com and to www.solarFlairLighting.com in a prominent location.

Bloggers and others who do not respect our intellectual property rights will:

1) Be notified and asked to remove the content and point out their infringement;

2) Will be reported to the site that hosts their blog (which can get them kicked offline); and

3) Be subject to other actions we deem necessary.

We hope we have made it clear that we do not tolerate copyright infringement of any kind. Fair warning.


Certain Things are Unacceptable

We Love Free Speech… to a Point

*Don’t scream fire in a crowded movie theater, don’t run with scissors and don’t get banned from this blog. We welcome opinions other than our own are welcome, but there are some things we just don’t have patience for:

  • Spam
  • Rants or off-topic comments or posts (zero bully tolerance)
  • Racism, homophobia, and similar nastiness. It’s mean!
  • Obscene / vulgar language or adult content
  • Blatant advertisements
  • Defamation including of specific products, companies or people.  Back-up what you say with facts:  we don’t care for lawyers all that much.

If other stuff pops up along the way, we’ll add it to the list.

And Where Do We Come From?

Our background includes technical and marketing communications within environment and civil engineering.  This ranges from wetland/environmental assessment  and natural habitat reconstruction, landscape architecture, to some of the largest transportation and environmental design and construction projects in the US (haz-waste remediation through sewage and water supply tunnels/plants  major bridges and tunnels.)

We’ve worked on projects of all sizes, from small pond and salt marsh reconstructions to the Boston Harbor Clean-up, Boston’s Central Artery/Tunnel Project to hazardous waste remediations through the Northeast.   So, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of what technology can do from a lot of different view points.

We also have experience within high-tech (networking, internet security) and most recently banking including the expansion of ACH and and debit card use and getting rid of paper checks.

Today, we have our own e-commerce sales site, www.solarflairlighting.com.   We are going to do our best not to be a sales site, but to keep this based on information.  However, you will see posts about our sales, new products or new partnerships.

When We’re Not Working?

We like to fish, garden, paint, work on our home and take advantage of the Cape Cod beaches and bike paths.  We love not having to drive into Boston every day to work and spending more time with family and friends.

Disclaimer:  Information, except when copyrighted, may be shared.  Copyrighted information or posts may be used as long as credits are provided.  And we check.  To submit a post, please contact SolarFlairLighting@gmail.com or leave a comment on one of our posts.

Your comment becomes “public domain.”  Opinions of guest post writers or those of people who may comment on this site are not necessarily those of SolarLightingSmart.com.

Copyright 2011, AM McElroy, www.SolarFlairlighting.com, www.SolarLightingSmart.com

We act on copyright infringements as soon as we find them.

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