Articles and our sister site,, believe that a well-educated consumer is a good customer.

In addition to our blog posts, we also publish articles that discuss the different types of solar lighting available and how to determine what is best for your needs.

Like, the goal of our articles is to to help consumers understand trends in solar technology, the range solar products available today, how to navigate the often tricky world of online product price comparison sites, and other ways to shop safely online.

Like our blog posts, our articles are all written solely by the staff of we never purchase articles from content farms and we never pay any money for online magazines to publish our articles.

Moving From Online Magazines to Guest Blog Posts and YouTube

While we used to publish articles regularly to online magazines, we are now focusing our efforts on our blog, our YouTube Channel, and guest posts on other blogs.  (We have less hassle with duplicate content and we’re tired of writing articles that are blatently stolen and used by others as though they wrote them.  Sorry, lazy butts. We sick of catching you and doing the copyright infringement. It’s a waste of our time, and a waste of your money when we catch ya.)

Our posts on often are rewrites of our published articles, always with photographs, charts and other  graphics or useful links that can’t be included in press releases or articles. We also post about other topics.  And, we encourage people to leave their opinions of our posts and articles. Our customers’ and peers’ thoughts are important to us.

Please respect our copyrights.  You are free to use our articles in your blog or for other purposes, but you must include a link to and a link to  Measures are in place to find articles that are directly copied, or those that essentially the same article with minor edits.

Please note that we vigorously protect our copyrights and act upon all infringements we find.

Copyright 2011, AM McElroy,, http://www.SolarLightingSmart

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