6 Tips for Smarter Online Shopping This Season

Tips to Get a Good Deal Without Getting Rooked

Six Tips to Get a Good Deal Without Getting Rooked

As online shoppers and online merchants, there are things we always look for when shopping online. Some are obvious, some you might not think about if the price is right (meaning far lower than elsewhere.)

Here’s our Top Tips (some with links to detailed posts) to avoid running betting “grinched” this holiday season, or any time of the year.

Online shopping can save you lots of time. But no matter how busy you are, make sure that steal of a deal doesn’t turn into a big lump of coal.  Continue reading

Don’t Want to More Internet Sales Taxes, Act Now!


Keep the Feds out of State Taxes. Protect Consumer Choice. Stop the “Marketplace Fairness Act.”

If you do a lot of online shopping and don’t want to pay higher prices, you really need to learn about the proposed Marketplace Fairness Act.

This is a proposed Federal law that would require online stores to tax all customers: regardless of current state laws.

Right now, very large companies (such as Walmart or Home Depot) have to charge sales tax. However, the vast majority of companies that do business online are small businesses that will be really harmed by this legislation. 

And except for sales within their own states, most stores can sell their products tax free. If the Markeplace Fairness Act (and we don’t think it’s fair at all) the prices you pay online will rise unless the store opts to re-incorporated in one of the five states that have no income taxes. (And frankly: that’s not so hard, so most states won’t get much more money. They’ll just lose jobs.)

And guess what? Odds are you’ll indirectly be paying two sets of sales tax. Here’s why, and what you can do to stop it. Continue reading

Go Green This Holiday Seasons – Great Solar Gift Ideas

Xmas_Video_PinterestIf people on your list fit into any of the below categories, solar lights just might be great choices for gifts this years. Silver and Gold? Fine, just make sure to Go Green with gifts of solar lights!

  • The “they have everything already” types: check out some different things.goodness: they all ready have EVERYTHING!
  • Co-workers or family where clothes just aren’t going to cut it
  • Kids who want to learn about sustainable living or renewable energy
  • who need toys that teach renewable energy

High Res Version (best for desktops/laptops):

Low Res (best for tablets, smart phones):

Fair warning: our most popular items sell quickly. Most of our products have MAP prices (meaning if the dealer gets caught advertising them for less, the distributor or manufacturer may not ship the order — be they the smallest store or Amazon.)

Take advantage of our no Bull Shipping Policy: All Items Ship Free to the 48 Contiguous United States Every Day. We just HATE looking for the lowest price, only to get whacked with extra shipping at checkout. Or, looking to buy things to get our total up to a certain dollar amount…and often finding the things we want are “exempt” from free shipping. (That’s not Free Shipping, it’s trickery: that’s why our Shipping is No Bull Every Day.)

(Except freight orders of very large quantities of large products, where flatbeds, forklifts or loading docks and staff necessary for delivery: a very small portion of our sales and most of these are large numbers of commercial lights, street lights, etc.)

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Manufacturer Sale on Selected Better Solar Shed Lights, Solar Lamps

Solar_lamps_wall_mount_light_saleYes, the primary purpose of our blog is to provide information and answer questions about outdoor solar lights and landscape products.

From time to time we do share info when our store (SolarFlairLighting.com) has special sales and this one is a rare chance to get some high quality solar lamps and shed lights at great prices, with free shipping.

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What Makes Solar Lamps Truly Bright?

One Lamp Cast Light, One Has a Halo
One Lamp Casts Light, One Has a Halo

At the home center the other day, it wasn’t surprising that there were far more solar lights available than last year, and certainly more than three or four years ago.

It also wasn’t surprising that most of the lights weren’t particularly well made and very few were all that bright.

The most disappointing (and the most expensive) were solar lamps and lamp posts produced by traditional light manufacturers. The selection and quality of light just wasn’t there.  Find out why! Continue reading

Ignore That Man Behind the Curtain! Make Sure You Know Who You Buy from Online

Sellers who get kicked of Amazon, eBay often go right back on with different name.

Who Really Gets Your Money?

When you buy online at Amazon or ebay, often you are NOT buying from Amazon or eBay, you’re buying from individuals or individual stores.

Sometimes it is hard to tell WHICH store is actually pocketing your money and sending you merchandise.  And just like the Wizard in the “Wizard of Oz” was really a scam artist, so are some sellers on Amazon or eBay.

Both Amazon and eBay quickly remove sellers with complaints against them.  But, crooks often go right back on with different name and info. They are crooks and it’s hard for Amazon or eBay to keep track of everyone. Continue reading

Why We “Bother” Customers About Certain Transactions and Accounts

There is a Lot of Fraud Going On Right Now With Improperly Secured Smart Phones

Be Careful Online. We Are With Your Data.

We always contact customers when they make a transaction with our store, usually to let them know we are processing their order and that we’ll provide the estimated arrival date and tracking information as soon as it is available. There are times we contact customers before we send out merchandise, even if the credit card company has approved the transaction.

Today, we had an email from a man who said that an account at our store  in store (SolarFlairLighting.com) was created in his name, but that he didn’t do it.

We did the responsible thing: we looked up the account. Someone had opened an account and tried to make a purchase, but the CVC code did not match and the transaction was cancelled. He gave us a lot of grief, and we want to clear-up exactly why what we do and why.

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This Season Compare Prices Carefully, Particularly Shipping Costs

No Shipping Estimate, Just a Form to Fill Out. What's Up With That?

No Shipping Estimate, Just a Form to Fill Out. What’s Up With That?

Like it or not, Veterans Day Weekend is now the unofficial start of the holiday sales season. And, with so many people busy these days, many people who don’t usually shop online are going to take advantage of e-commerce sites to save time and money.

And, smart shoppers are likely to use one or more of the many price comparison sites including TheFind.com as well as sites that charge merchants to list their products. When you compare prices, make sure that you factor shipping costs into the mix. Continue reading

Video of Super Bright LEDs Need Help for Super Bright Solar Lighting

For a more detailed discussion of the material in this video, please see our blog post Forget Super Bright LEDs. Motion of Light Beams Means Quality Solar Lights. While almost all solar lights claim to have “Super Bright LEDs,” it’s simply not true. While highly efficient, LEDs need help to provide high quality, bright lighting.

Whether LEDs are used in solar lighting or more traditional fixtures, the fact is that LEDs alone can’t product quality light without some help. Find out what many people overlook when selecting solar lights: how reflection and refraction technology really are need to make solar lighting and LEDs truly “Super Bright.”

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Forget Super Bright LEDs. Motion of Light Beams Means Quality Solar Lights

What's That Funky Cone For? Find Out!

Why is That Funky Cone in That Solar Lamp? Find Out!

We use the term “super bright LED” quite often. So do most solar light retailers, distributors and manufacturers.  But “Super Bright LEDs” is a term that actually means very little in terms of the overall brightness of a solar lighting fixture.

Note: We’re updating this post and moving it to our new onstore blog at SolarFlairLighting.com. In the meantime, check out our video to see why LEDs aren’t all that makes lights super bright, no matter how SUPER bright, aren’t what makes lights (or electric or solar) provide bright and well-cast illumination over a meaningful area.

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