Did Snow Cover Impact Your Solar Lights? Quick Fix!

snow drifts covering fence and homeMany parts of the United States have had snow and ice storms over the past couple of months: including areas that don’t normally get hit with severe weather conditions.

Past posts have discussed how to care for solar lights during winter (including what to take in before the weather hits), and what to do (and not do) with solar lights covered with snow or ice hits.

If your solar lights or the solar panel of any solar powered product was covered with snow more than a few days, you may notice that your solar lights aren’t as bright or don’t stay on as long as normal once the snow melts. Luckily, there’s a really easy fix so that most solar lights or water features will well as ever!

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Solar Lighting Tips

Each week our sister site, SolarFlairLighting.com, posts tips about solar lighting.

Some tips address how to get the most from solar lighting at different times of the year. Others discuss the attributes of different types of solar lights and other solar products, including what to look for to get the most for your money.

Many of these tips are directly from or have been the Understanding Solar Lighting page of SolarLightingSmart.com.

Based on customer requests, we now will be listing all Solar Tips of the Week on this site SolarLightingSmart.com.

Springtime Tips for Solar Lights and Products!

With spring just around the corner, it’s a great time to take stock of your exterior solar and low voltage lighting.

Here are some pointers on taking care of your lighting fixtures, whether they were taken in for storage during the winter or left outside.

We hope you review these tips to protect the investments you’ve made as simple things can easily destroy lights, particularly solar lighting fixtures.

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Staying Green with Solar Lights After the Glow is Gone

Stay Green When Replacing Solar Lights or Parts

Nothing lasts forever, not even the best quality solar lights.

And long before the lights themselves have passed their brightest days, odds are that you’ll have changed batteries a couple of times and on some fixtures, even the light bulbs.

You’ve been good to the environment (and your pocketbook) by choosing solar. The question: how to stay green when disposing of solar lights and their components?

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Don’t Commit Assault With Your Batteries!

Solar can be used for boats, piers and docksSolar Boatlights

This is the time of year when a lot of people pull out solar-powered features that have been stored away for the winter.

It also is the time of the year when outdoor soldont do itar lighting fixtures are found to not be working properly. Whenever a solar light or solar product doesn’t work, the usual fix is a new battery.
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