Go Green This Holiday Seasons – Great Solar Gift Ideas

Xmas_Video_PinterestIf people on your list fit into any of the below categories, solar lights just might be great choices for gifts this years. Silver and Gold? Fine, just make sure to Go Green with gifts of solar lights!

  • The “they have everything already” types: check out some different things.goodness: they all ready have EVERYTHING!
  • Co-workers or family where clothes just aren’t going to cut it
  • Kids who want to learn about sustainable living or renewable energy
  • who need toys that teach renewable energy

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Fair warning: our most popular items sell quickly. Most of our products have MAP prices (meaning if the dealer gets caught advertising them for less, the distributor or manufacturer may not ship the order — be they the smallest store or Amazon.)

Take advantage of our no Bull Shipping Policy: All Items Ship Free to the 48 Contiguous United States Every Day. We just HATE looking for the lowest price, only to get whacked with extra shipping at checkout. Or, looking to buy things to get our total up to a certain dollar amount…and often finding the things we want are “exempt” from free shipping. (That’s not Free Shipping, it’s trickery: that’s why our Shipping is No Bull Every Day.)

(Except freight orders of very large quantities of large products, where flatbeds, forklifts or loading docks and staff necessary for delivery: a very small portion of our sales and most of these are large numbers of commercial lights, street lights, etc.)

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Winter Blues? Get Springy with It by Buying Before Seasonal Prices Rise

Don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of Winter 2013/2014. To over a bit of winter blues, I planted some seeds and dahlia bulbs to get a jump on Spring.

YouTube ChannelI also took looked at the stored solar garden products and thought that maybe some videos of popular solar lights and garden products will remind you: Spring really is just around the corner!

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Quantity Vs Quality: When Cheaper Solar Lights May Be Your Best Choice

Sometimes you do want quantity not quality

Should You Buy 8 Lights or 1 Light for $89.99? Depends on Your Goals!

With solar lighting, you usually get what you pay for.

We say this often and while this is generally true, it’s also a fact that there are many times when you really don’t need the highest quality solar lights to get the effect you want.

When it comes to buying lights that impact people’s safety (and your liability), you want to buy the best solar lights that you can afford.

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Are Solar Christmas Lights a Naughty or Nice Choice for You?

Decorative Solar Light String with 2-inch Orbs

As soon as the Halloween decorations are taken off shelves, Christmas items will take their place and this year you are likely to see more solar string lights alongside other outdoor decorations.

The reasons: the need to save on electricity bills; growing demand for “green” products; and increasing variety and quality of solar lights with prices more comparable to quality alternatives.

While it makes sense to consider solar lighting to supplement or replace energy-hogging Christmas lights this season, here are some things that will determine whether your experience is naughty or nice.

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Brighten Thing Up with Decorative Solar Lights!

Start Thinking About Spring & Summer Fun!

It’s winter and in many area of North America, it’s cold and bleak, so we want to brighten things up by talking about Decorative Solar Lights!

Instead of discussing nuclear plants and solar lighting, online scams, or the benefits of solar products during emergencies, this post focuses on the fun and attractive solar lights available for your garden, patio, pool and more.

Solar Accent Lights

Solar Accent Lights

While many people thing of string lights in terms of ornamental outdoor lighting or fancy accent lights, there’s a lot more options for decorative solar lighting available.

Springtime will be here before we know it, making now a great time to look at some of the “lighter” sides of solar powered products!

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Go Green this Holiday Season with Solar Gifts!

Go Green this Holiday Season with Solar Gifts!

Go Green with this Holiday Season with Great Solar Gifts!

Silver, gold, red and green are traditional colors for the winter holidays.  This year, why not Go Green with a solar gift?

There are a lot of solar items to choose from these days, from the strictly practical to the purely fun. From solar toys to flashlights and battery chargers, you can put a smile on even the most “hard to shop for” people this year.

Not only are there more solar items to choose from than in the past, the quality of many items has dramatically increased as solar technology continues to improve.

Remember that with solar products, you often get what you pay for.  If you see two products that seem virtually identical expect for a large price difference, look closer at the product description.

It’s said that the “Devil’s in the Details,” and the more costly product most likely uses superior solar technology, meaning your gift will probably work better and last longer if you choose the higher price options.

And, if you are doing online price comparisons, look carefully at whether shipping is included or extra, as that can often add 10 or 15 dollars (sometimes more) to your total cost.  Here are some things that we will be giving this holiday season.  Continue reading