Lithium Ion Batteries ARE Safe, Just Not in Cargo Holds

Lithium Ion Batteries are Commonly Used and Inherently Very Safet

Lithium Ion Batteries are Commonly Used and Inherently Very Safe

Due to recent events in the news and a call from a customer, we want to reiterate that Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are extremely safe. Along with many solar lights, Li-Ions are regularly used in everyday products that  include hearing aids, digital and film cameras, hand-held video games, video games, video recorders, laptops, cellphones and smart phones.

(Sorry, but in this day of social media, half-baked “theories” spread faster than gossip at a 7th grade lunch room.)

Many of you undoubtedly have taken and/or used these items onto airplanes and it is perfectly safe to do so.  We are reiterating the safety of Lithium Ion batteries because we have heard on the news (and so did a customer who called in a minor state of panic about her lights with Lithium Ion batteries) that there may have been large quantities of large Lithium Batteries on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flown as cargo. Lithium Ion batteries are forbidden by as cargo by most aviation agencies in the world, including the US Federal Aviation Administration. Find out..

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Did the Holidays Sneak Up On You? Tip to Avoid Expedited Delivery Costs Charges

Santa Claus Holding CardIt seems like Halloween and Veterans Day were last week. But they weren’t. There really are only a few more days of online holiday shopping.

And most stores and shippers are recommending that the last day you can safely order or ship items and know they will get there on or before December 24 is Monday, December 16, 2013.

Regardless of why you may not be able to meet the Monday deadline, we have a tip that we share with lots of when it’s just not possible to get it there by the special day. Yes, it’s most important for Christmas, but it works for birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and other special occasions.

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