Solar Means Cost-Effective Eco-Friendly and Humane Pest Control!

Moles Destroy GardensWhile many of us need to wait a couple more months before starting our gardens, this is a great time of year to purchase solar pest control, because the spring garden season often brings higher prices.

And, whether your pest are geese, deer, moles, coyotes, or burrowing mammals such as moles and groundhogs, there are many humane and highly effective solar products that can keep your property free of nuisance animals.

Depending on where you live, odds are that some type of wildlife has destroyed your landscape, gardens or shrubs.  Along with lower prices, installing solar pest control now means that some pests will be long gone before garden season or that migrating animals such as Canadian Geese, migrate north. Continue reading

Oh Deer! Are They Eating Your Shrubs and Trees?

Protect Your Landscape From Deer

Hungry Deer Eat Most Anything This Time of Year

Now that much woodland foliage is gone, deer tend to move into residential areas. And hungry deer will eat just about anything.

In some areas, deer are very destructive and eat anything from young shoots in the spring and summer to evergreens and other shrubs used by gardeners.

There are many things to protect your landscape and gardens and some are more efficient and effective than others.

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Sick of Geese and All Their Crap?

Geese, Lovely but Often Nasty BirdsHaving lived near the water, I know very well how foul geese can be.

Beautiful birds definitely.

They also can be pretty nasty tempered beasts, particularly when nesting or right after the baby geese hatch.

The only thing worse than being outside cooking on the grill and having them attack you to steal your food or pecking at you when you try to get to your car is, shall we say, their droppings.

All in all, geese add up to a lot of crap!

We just found two new products I wish our condo association had years ago. Both humanely encourage geese to make themselves at home, but somewhere else than your property.

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