Product Focus on Solar Spot Lights

Featured products - solar spotlights at are one of the most versatile types of solar lights in terms of what’s available and how you can use them.

  • Need extra light in an area difficult to reach with electricity? Check!
  • Want choices between continuous on or Motion Detection? No problem.
  • Enhanced security? Covered.
  • Looking for a no-fuss way to add drama to a special landscape feature? Easy!

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Some Solar Lights Can Not Be Fixed and Overall Are a Waste of Money

Crappy solar light with bad light sensor that makes it work during daylight only.

Some Solar Lights Can’t be Saved and You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money on Them in the First Place

We just did a post about a solar lantern that wasn’t working as it should be. And, there was a quick fix to that problem and the lantern works as great as ever.

Unfortunately, not all solar lights can be saved. Even more unfortunately, there are a lot of lights that frankly are a waste of money.  We can’t say it often enough: with solar lighting, you usually get what you pay for.

It’s kind of hard to see in this picture, but even though it’s daytime, this solar light is on. In fact, the only time it works is in the daytime.

Even though we bought six of these for around $15 buck, it really was a waste of money.  This light (and 4 of the other ones we bought with it) can’t be fixed. Continue reading

Quantity Vs Quality: When Cheaper Solar Lights May Be Your Best Choice

Sometimes you do want quantity not quality

Should You Buy 8 Lights or 1 Light for $89.99? Depends on Your Goals!

With solar lighting, you usually get what you pay for.

We say this often and while this is generally true, it’s also a fact that there are many times when you really don’t need the highest quality solar lights to get the effect you want.

When it comes to buying lights that impact people’s safety (and your liability), you want to buy the best solar lights that you can afford.

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Solar Lighting: Meet Your Expectations

solar lighting, which way to go?If people are less than happy with  their first experience with  outdoor solar lighting, I ask them two questions:

  • Are you using them properly?
  • What did you expect from the product you bought?

Often, what they bought was not meant to provide the type of illumination they wanted, so of course they were disappointed.

Many people first purchase solar accent lights, typically the pick the most inexpensive types of outdoor solar lighting.

In a way, this makes sense:  why spend money on overhead lights, security lights or lamp posts until you are comfortable with solar lighting technology?

Get What You Need!

What a lot of people don’t understand is that there is a huge difference between solar accent lights and more expensive solar security lights (flood lights, spotlights), or solar lamps.  Not only in cost, but in the types of light provided.

Here is a brief primer on the most common types of outdoor solar lighting and what buyers should and should not expect from each.

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