Hurricane Season Begins June 1, 2012: Are You Prepared?


It doesn't take a full-blown hurricane or direct hit for major power outages!

The 2012 hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30.

Meteorologists predict the 2012 season will be less severe than average. Even so, according to CNN, there’s a 48 percent chance that a major hurricane will make a direct hit on at a US coast line.  Since people that live hundreds of miles away from a direct hit are often impacted, it’s a good time to think about emergency preparedness.

Don’t live near the coast? Many of the things recommended for hurricanes also help you and your family should you face a blizzard, earthquake, tornado, and other natural disaster.  Summer also means that all of us are at a higher risk of blackouts that can cut off your power and communications for hours or even days.

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Go Green this Holiday Season with Solar Gifts!

Go Green this Holiday Season with Solar Gifts!

Go Green with this Holiday Season with Great Solar Gifts!

Silver, gold, red and green are traditional colors for the winter holidays.  This year, why not Go Green with a solar gift?

There are a lot of solar items to choose from these days, from the strictly practical to the purely fun. From solar toys to flashlights and battery chargers, you can put a smile on even the most “hard to shop for” people this year.

Not only are there more solar items to choose from than in the past, the quality of many items has dramatically increased as solar technology continues to improve.

Remember that with solar products, you often get what you pay for.  If you see two products that seem virtually identical expect for a large price difference, look closer at the product description.

It’s said that the “Devil’s in the Details,” and the more costly product most likely uses superior solar technology, meaning your gift will probably work better and last longer if you choose the higher price options.

And, if you are doing online price comparisons, look carefully at whether shipping is included or extra, as that can often add 10 or 15 dollars (sometimes more) to your total cost.  Here are some things that we will be giving this holiday season.  Continue reading