Updated Solar Lamps and Solar Lamp Posts for 2013

Updated Solar Lamps & Lamp Posts at SolarFlairLighting.com

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We’ve updated our site to reflect new product selections and prices for Gama Sonic Solar Lamps and Solar Lamp Posts to reflect 2013 product selections and new prices, as well as our handy reference guide to help you determine which one is best for you.

While prices rose for a few products, many prices dropped due to increased efficiencies in manufacturing. To be frank, given the cost of raw materials used in solar lamps, from the cast aluminum housing, to quality mono crystalline solar panels, to other metals used in circuitry, we had expected price increases across the board.

And, all of these products are sold by SolarFlairLighting.com with free shipping and discounts when several products are purchased.

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Portable Solar Lamp Posts: Convenient and Practical, but Purchase Wisely

Lamp Posts for Decks? You Bet!

Lamp Posts for Decks? You Bet!

The popularity of solar lamp posts continues to grow.  Part of this is because the technology used continues to improve, more styles are available than in the past, and prices are comparable to similar electric options.  The desire of many people to “go green” and save on utility bills certainly doesn’t hurt either.

One thing about most solar lamp posts is that once they are installed, they can’t be relocated easily.

But there is a solution: portable solar lamp posts, which are great options for many people.  Here’s some info about portable solar lamp posts, including what to look for when buying them and where they can be especially useful. Continue reading

Not all Solar Lamps are Equal: Purchasing the Right Lamp for Different Functional Areas

Solar Lamps and Lamp Posts are not Created EqualSolar lighting is not made equal and this is particularly true for solar lamps.

We get calls from potential customers who want the cheapest possible solar lamps available.  Our store doesn’t carry the “cheapest solar lamps” because we know that with solar lighting, you generally get what you pay for.

More importantly, our goal is to provide customers with a solar lights, particularly to select lamps designed and constructed to meet the needs of a particular site and how the area is used.

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Today’s Solar Lamps: Bright, Reliable and Stylish

Pillar Mounted Solar Lamp

Pillar Mounted Solar Lamp

Lamp posts at the entrance to your property, along your driveway, or near your front door not only welcome you and your guests, they add safety to your property.  As with all lights, solar lamp posts can also help ward off unwelcome company.

Somebody recently told me “forget about solar lights, they don’t give off much light.” Baloney!

In the past, this may well have been true but not today. Modern solar lamps incorporate state-of-the-art engineering in all components and come in a variety of styles to meet a variety of tastes to match the decor of your property.

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Check out SolarFlairLighting.com on YouTube

Check out our store, SolarFlairLighting.com on YouTube.com. It shows just a small fraction of what we offer, but gives a sense of what our store.  All items (except our solar street lights which are handled very differently than all other products) have free shipping. And, our site is secure so you can be confident during checkout!