Not Too Late to Get Great Holiday Gifts!

It’s Not Too Late to Get Great Holiday Gifts! ACTUALLY NOW IT IS
So: see

While we can’t get everything everywhere, we still have lots of great items that will make great, environmentally-friendly Christmas gifts.  Solar lanterns, solar lamps, decorative solar lights, games, solar-lit mobiles/wind chimes, fountains, and special birdhouses and bird feeders. The photos are just a sample of the many gifts we have, most of the ones shown are well under $100, all with free shipping. Continue reading

Time to Adjust Motion-Activated Lights for Winter Temps

The cold, not the bogie man, makes motion activated security lights turn on more frequentlyIt’s Not Your Imagination and It’s Not the Boogie Man

It isn’t your imagination: your motion-activated spotlights and floodlights used for security or safety are indeed turning on more often then usual. These lights are often get more touchy when the weather gets cold.

The reason is simple: Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRs) don’t actually pick up movement. Instead they sense when heat passes through the area. This means that when temperatures drop, small animals that the sensor would ignore most of the time may often turn the lights on.

Here’s some ways to save energy and makes sure that your solar security lights work better this winter. Continue reading

Check Out November Illuminations Newletter on Solar Lights

Illuminations Newsletter BannerIlluminations, Newsletter of

As we begin our 4th year in business, we thought it would be a good time to review how the landscape of solar lighting has changed, and how our store, is evolving to meet these changes.  Below is a summary of the November 2013 issue of Illuminations, our quarterly newsletter. (And, we’re having sales now and more are on the way for later this week and next week.) Continue reading

Video of Super Bright LEDs Need Help for Super Bright Solar Lighting

For a more detailed discussion of the material in this video, please see our blog post Forget Super Bright LEDs. Motion of Light Beams Means Quality Solar Lights. While almost all solar lights claim to have “Super Bright LEDs,” it’s simply not true. While highly efficient, LEDs need help to provide high quality, bright lighting.

Whether LEDs are used in solar lighting or more traditional fixtures, the fact is that LEDs alone can’t product quality light without some help. Find out what many people overlook when selecting solar lights: how reflection and refraction technology really are need to make solar lighting and LEDs truly “Super Bright.”

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Two New Solar Lamp Series with Exceptional Solar Lighting Technology

Our store, recently added two new lines of solar lighting from Gama Sonic to our inventory of solar lamps and solar lamp posts.

The first is the Prairie Solar Lamp, which comes in three styles. It features a simple, rustic design and warm-toned illumination unlike many solar lights.

We also offer all modes within the Imperial II Solar Lantern / Solar Lamp Series.  Each lamp has 21 LEDs and emits the same amount of light as an 80 Watt incandescent or halogen bulb.

Find out more in this blog post or by viewing our short video on our YouTube Channel. Continue reading

Understanding Solar Street Lights

If you want to know how solar street lights work, where and how they can be used, or how select a quality solar street light for your outdoor lighting project, read this article.  For a quick overview, please see our YouTube video “Solar Street Lights Are Bright Ideas.”

Solar Street Lights have been used throughout the world for several years. More recently, public and private sector property managers and roadway departments have been using them for street, parking lot, bridge and recreational facilities throughout the United States.

Continue reading

Solar Lighting Tips

Each week our sister site,, posts tips about solar lighting.

Some tips address how to get the most from solar lighting at different times of the year. Others discuss the attributes of different types of solar lights and other solar products, including what to look for to get the most for your money.

Many of these tips are directly from or have been the Understanding Solar Lighting page of

Based on customer requests, we now will be listing all Solar Tips of the Week on this site

New Videos: Gifts of Solar Lighting, Custom American Lights

Video: Low Maintenance Tips for High Performing Solar Lights

We’ve been adding videos to’s YouTube Channel, including:

To keep up with the latest videos we post, subscribe to our YouTube Channel

It’s updated regularly not only to spotlight different types of products we carry, but also provides tips on how to maintain solar lighting and other solar Home & Garden products.

May 2013 Edition of Illusions, Solar Lighting Newsletter

Banner for May 2013 Illuminations Newsletter

The May 2013 edition of Illuminations, the Solar Lighting Newsletter from is now available online.

Illuminations covers solar lighting technology, solar product features and maintenance tips, and other industry trends.  Items in the current issue include:

  • 2013 Industry Trends In Solar Lighting
  • Product News:  new product lines (pond lighting; American-made solar streetlights)
  • Help with Replacement Parts or Batteries
  • Our Redesigned YouTube Channel
  • Hot Blog Posts

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Video – Curious About Solar Spot Lights?

Solar_Spotlight_Video_from SolarFlairLighting

Check it out on YouTube!

We’re adding more videos every day.  If you’re wondering how solar spotlights can help you meet your landscape lighting needs, this video has some great tips.

Spotlights serve functional needs, like brightening doorways and can also add dimension to your gardens by varied uses of lights. The benefits of flexible spotlights, what to look for when buying are briefly reviewed in this video.

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